Arabs In Ecuador – (OPEC And The Death of S&H Green Stamps)

   So the “Arabs” are at it again.  Down in Ecuador, this time.  It’s the jolly folks from “OPEC,” with their flowing robes, golden daggers and medieval social sense, deciding to hold the line on oil production even though the world’s economy continues to crash.  Those bastards!  Oh wait, I’m sorry, they’re not all Arabs.  Some are Arabs, others are Middle Easterners and still others are from Central Asia.  Wait, I’ll have to get a map.

Wait a minute.  Arabs in Ecuador?  What are they doing there?   After all, “OPEC” was formed in 1960 to coordinate and control the world’s oil supply and was then used to further control the supply as a punishment to those countries that supported Israel in the Arab-Israeli War of 1973.  And now Ecuador and Venezuela are part of OPEC?  Why do Ecuador and Venezuela feel a need to punish us for supporting Israel?  And Nigeria? Huh?  That’s nowhere near Arabia.

Truth is, the top suppliers of crude to the U.S. are Canada, and Mexico, followed by Saudi Arabia, which gives us only 20% of their output.

Fact is, being “Arabic” often has nothing to do with speculators who buy up huge quantities of oil on the world market only to hold it while they wait for prices at the pump to get to where they want them to be.

We blame the “Arabs” even though a relative handful of multi-national oil companies control the world’s supply of oil.  A handful.  The world supply.  That’s from the super-tanker to the pump at your corner gas station. They own it and control it.  Of the ten biggest companies in the world, six, are oil companies.  Think they have any clout?  Just a little influcence, maybe?

Time was, this might have been considered to be an international monopoly?

Let’s define it.

Cartel – noun:  a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service -WordNet

Remember when there used to be all kinds of independent gas stations and oil companies out there?   Where’d they all go?  Think the “Arabs” got um?  Sneaking around in the middle of the night with their robes and daggers?  Or did the big guys buy um up and shut um down, so that they could have the market all to themselves?

Remember when the gas stations used to give you free stuff, like “S&H Green Stamps” or glassware etched with the crest of your favorite NFL team,  as an incentive to get you to come in and buy their gasoline?  Remember that?

I wonder if Mr. Obama can get a bill passed for a public option to create an independent oil company?   Think  John Boehner would mind?  Wonder why he never smiles?  And even if the President were successful, how long do you think it would take the international oil syndicate to choke off the supply and shut it down?  Think that would make John Boehner smile?  Or smirk?  I have seen him smirk.  Kind of reminds you of Dick Cheney.

A public oil option?  Maybe Mr. Obama can combine it with health insurance.  God knows, we need that too and the President’s popularity is crashing.  Oh wait.  He already tried that and failed.

Anyway, it’ll never happen, so let’s just keep playing the Arab blame-game, as we spend more of our national treasury fighting unwinnable wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, making the oil companies richer and our middle and upper-middle class poorer.   Not to mention all the aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that are dying or being wounded fighting a battle the Middle Easterners……er….the Arabs?”…..will eventually have to fight for themselves.

Remember “Operation Desert Shield,” when we sent our people over to Saudi Arabia, to protect the Saudi’s from a possible invasion by Saddam Hussein?  Remember that?  That’s when we first got into this massive domestic dispute in the Middle East.  Or, Central Asia, or wherever the hell it is.

We went over there to protect the Arab oil fields, so that they could keep their product flowing to the international oil company cartel that sets the price at the “service station.”

So, here we are.   Stuck in the middle, with everyone blaming us for the trouble as we go broke paying for it with our troops in the Middle East and Central Asia and our cars at the pump.

Our military serving as a private militia for an international oil cartel.

Time to connect the dots, folks.   If it’s too complicated, I suppose you can blame the Arabs.  They’re probably getting used to it by now.   And if that fails, look in the mirror.


About S&H Green Stamps-

“Stamps programs faded away during the recession of the 1970’s. Sperry and Hutchinson was sold by the founders’ successors in 1981, and was purchased from a holding firm by a member of the founding Sperry family in 1999. At that time, only about 100 stores were offering Green Stamps. Eventually, though, the company rebounded with the birth of the Internet and now offers “greenpoints” as rewards for online purchases. (

If you still have boxes of Green Stamps tucked away in your attic, here’s good news. You can still trade them in for either cash or merchandise. Cash value of 1,200 stamps is $1.20 and you can still get a catalog by calling them at 1-800-435-5674.”-The Straight Dope

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