The Alternate Reality That Is America

Charlie Rose is fired for being sexually abusive to women while some Alabamians think it’s okay to elect a a man to Congress who pursued teenage girls at the local mall while serving as district attorney?

A Russian-loving  Donald Trump, elected as President of the United States and continuing to hold office while his family does business with unknown entities all over the world?

Russian bot-farms, doing all they can to rig American elections and set Americans against one-another, while much of the Congress has been bought off by the highest bidders with the American people having no clear idea of who they might be?

Nazis and Klan members marching with torches in the streets of Charlottesville, chanting “Jews will not replace us?”

Black Americans must fear being shot if they’re pulled over for a minor traffic violation while black athletes are condemned for “taking a knee” to show their opposition to the way African-Americans are singled out by law enforcement and the American justice system in general while the privitization of the prison system lines the pockets of wealthy investors?

Americans decry the explosive problem of opioid addiction and condemn anyone who promotes the idea of decriminalization even while the evidence points to treating addiction as a medical problem rather than a crime appears to be the closest thing we have to  a solution?

This is getting to be too damn much. We’re living in some bizarre alternate reality wherein rumor, disinformation and emotion are being placed above fact and critical thinking.  Most frightening of all are the millions of misinformed, disinformed and fearful Americans who make such easy targets for those who would permanently corrupt both our institutions and the American ideal.

No doubt about it, this is a test.

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