With “Leaders” Like These…

Fellow suckers and buffoons-

Rarely in the nation’s history have so few gone so far by doing so little to screw things up so badly for so many.

Oh wait.  There’s still “hope” that a shutdown might be avoided?  A “hope?”  And we’re supposed to feel good about that?  I don’t think so.

Here in California, following the recall of Gray Davis, the state’s voters elected the mighty Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Declaring war on the “girly men up in Sacramento” Mr. Schwarzenegger spent more than six years attempting to get Republicans and Democrats to be nice and attempt to work together so that the State of California could move forward, away from a potential plunge into an economic abyss.   The Governator, star power and all, failed.  He was broadly condemned for that failure.  The state’s voters then brought back Jerry Brown for a second term.   Despite his vast experience, wisdom earned through age and presumed meditative powers, he is now having exactly the same problem.   He too, is going nowhere fast as both parties play for political advantage seeking to satisfy the special interests that contribute to their campaigns rather than the needs of the State.  California, some say, is now ungovernable.

If only it stopped there.  It does not.

In Washington, President Obama is confronted by precisely the same problem, leaving us with no apparent choice but to sit back and wait for the inevitable crash.  As in California, the nation, it appears, is also ungovernable, as those in the Senate and House care more for the needs of their special interest “clients” than for the millions upon millions of constituents, most of whom are nowhere near being political extremists, that sent them to D.C.

Once again, California leads the nation.

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