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Raqqa Who?

CNN is running an “exclusive” with their reporter going inside Raqqa, as the attack on ISIS continues. At this point in the exercise, how many Americans do you suppose even care? How many do you suppose have any idea where Raqqa is, or have any genuine concern at all for U.S. troops in combat zones in the Middle East or North Africa, so long as they aren’t impacted by another attack on U.S. soil?

Has the “backdoor draft” put an end to any real connectivity with troops in harm’s way?  What is our policy, our long-term plan with regard to the Middle East and North Africa?  Do we even have one?  Isn’t that the real story they should be covering, as opposed to this unending military police action with no end-game in sight while government officials heap praise on a Military-Industrial Complex that continues raking in billions from endless warfare?

Has the nightmare Eisenhower warned us of come to pass while a largely non-watchdog media refuses to recognize reality?   Can you point to Raqqa on a map or provide a description of its military significance?   Didn’t think so.   And most of us won’t give a damn unless there’s another attack on U.S. soil generating the fear and anger necessary to do whatever it takes militarily to solve the problem, ignoring the fact that in all likelihood the only real solution is political and not military.