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Go Ahead And Yell, You’ll Feel Better

While watching a panel of the usual suspects on CNN’s “Situation Room,” I heard something that made me, once again, yell at the tv.  I’ve been doing a lot of that recently.

This time, one of the regulars, an alleged expert on the law (presuming these people are vetted before being allowed on camera),  was talking about Trump’s personal attorney refusing to comply with a request for documents issued by a congressional committee.  “Well, there’s really nothing they can do,” she said.  “They could hold him in contempt of congress,” she continued,  “But there’s really nothing they can do.”

What?  WHAT?  Yes there is something they can do.  You just said it (I thought to myself, pounding my head against the wall).  They can send out a subpoena and then throw his ass in jail for up to a year for contempt of congress if he fails to comply.  A YEAR IN JAIL.  As well as the impact non-compliance might have on his law practice.  You just said that and then you came back and totally contradicted yourself.

Is this the best we can do?  Really?   Why does one get the feeling that some of the pundits are still afraid of telling it like it is and in the process end up acting like apologists for Trump and the madness he represents which only helps to normalize insane behavior.   And that is really, really bad for us all.

Reality.  It’s a good thing.  Can we get rid of these worried weenies, both on-camera and presumably in management, who think the truth needs to be balanced out by the exaggerations and outright lies of surrogates?

Not that any of this matters.   This is one of those no-win situations where everyone blames the media., and then when things thoroughly melt down, those who were bitching about too much coverage will proclaim out loud that the coverage was inadequate, as they complain, “Why didn’t anybody tell us about this?   “Where was the media?”

The media was there, dummy.  You just weren’t paying attention. You  haven’t picked up a newspaper or a book in years have you?  You were probably relying on only one perverted, slanted source on television because they were telling you what you wanted to hear as opposed to the best available version of the truth, which is one hell of an accomplishment with Donald J. Trump in Office.

Ignorance is a dangerous thing.   If you can’t figure things out and you can’t see your way clear to do anything to help others then at the very least try not to do or say anything that hurts anybody.

Beyond that it’s probably okay to go ahead and yell at the tv.   Nobody gets hurt and you’ll feel better.