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Have A Nice Day…

And now Trump is threatening Iran with..what? No one is quite sure. He is also threatening to strip security clearances from former U.S. officials, some of whom no longer even have a security clearance. This president, who has abandoned our allies and who may be mentally unstable, according to more than two-dozen mental health professionals who wrote a book on the subject, has no credibility. All we can be sure of is his loyalty to Putin and the Russians.

This madness, supported by the Republican Party and a base seized by an uninformed blind faith that elevates Donald Trump to the level of a deity, is our new reality.

Oh, and did you see the news in the WSJ, that the Russians appear to have the capability to hack into and maybe shut down our power grids? Isn’t that special?  There was speculation on this months ago. Now, as our intelligence community likes to put it, the warning lights are apparently “blinking red.”

This would be the same intelligence community that’s trying to protect the United States.   The very same intelligence community that Donald Trump opposes as he sides with Vladimir Putin and the Russians against our best interests.   Madness.  Or is it?

The pundits speculate that much of what Trump does is done to distract, which could of course, be true.   Don’t fall for it.   Collusion with the Russians and Trump turning his back on our allies are the biggest issues out there and they aren’t going away.  Unless Donald starts another shooting war.   That would be the biggest distraction of all.