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Fun With Donald

Another evening of fun with Donald, and another pill to help me sleep. I’m not the least bit ashamed of it you see, because I know I’m far from being alone with thoughts that will not leave me. Thoughts of just how precarious this situation really is, with an alleged leader who will say anything that pops into his head, continuing to project his illness, his bad craziness as Dr. Thompson would have put it, onto an already exhausted nation.

I keep trying to forget that this man who appears to pop in and out of some delusionary world all his own has access to the nuclear codes. Kudos to Savannah Guthrie, for doing as good a job as could be expected. Dealing with lunacy is no small chore, and she held up well as Donald prattled on and on with endless helpings of word salad, spewing lie after lie, projecting his wrongdoings and madness onto the opposition.

And they say that around thirty percent of the country likes this guy? I’m not sure who “they” are, but that’s what I’m hearing, so it must be true.

Watching the DJT event on NBC was an enormous waste of time, of course. Felt I had to though, just in case. You never know what a guy with Donald’s mental co-morbidity might do. That’s what makes it so exhausting. Like trying to figure out whether he’ll show up for the last scheduled debate on October 22nd. Not that it matters all that much. Barring any huge gaffs, everyone, I think, has probably settled in on who they favor. The petulant spoiled child, born with a $400-million silver spoon in his mouth and enraged over the thought of losing his binky, or the father figure, who will guide us back to the land of sanity. A place where we will all be able to get some sleep once again as American democracy is rescued from the bonds of treason that continue to threaten us by making this insane “new normal” a permanent fixture of American society.