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Special Submission: A Moderate Speaks Out



God help us. The too exhausted to tweet tour will soon come to an end. The deluded fat man from New York will return to learn that his lies are being uncovered.   That his budget is dead, the promise of cheaper and better healthcare is in a shambles, the air conditioning jobs he promised are being eliminated and a Republican candidate has thrown a reporter to the ground while screaming “Get the hell out of here,” much to the delight of what’s left of his geriatric, white nationalist, evangelical base – many of whom remain smacked-out on prescription meds – except for the coal miners who have finally figured it out and are now marching on the Capitol, shovels and picks in hand, while Paul Ryan,  his blue eyes deer-in-the-headlights wide, assumes the fetal position in a dark corner deep in the earth somewhere below the Rayburn Building.

There, in the cold, damp air,  reminiscent of the root-cellars back home in Wisconsin, the truth will finally land home like a shot put in a bowl of warm oatmeal.  It can’t be fixed.  This thing, this partially Russian-engineered Trump thing, isn’t going to work.

There are only two possibilities.  Either he knew what was going on and proceeded anyway, or he was serving their needs as a “useful idiot.”   Either way, at this point there’s no way to cover all the lies, hide all the nonsense – not with the fat man, still heady from the Saudi sword dance while dreaming of better times with golden showers, coming home.   None of it is going to work – no matter how much they smile or how many new lies they tell, the nose candy will eventually run out and their grand and greedy plan to extract all the cash from the people they pretended to lead will come to an end.

There will be nothing left but the Russian-loving fat man, his incessant tweets and the horrible crushing reality of what is.   Multiple investigations turning tyranny on its ugly head, concluding with the possibility of jail time as adults resume control of the Federal Government, with a special prosecutor and maybe an independent committee at he tip of the spear.

The sun will shine once again, casting a bright and hope-filled light on our Constitution and the wisdom of the founders in providing us with three co-equal branches of government.  A system of checks and balances that by the grace of God will prove to be too powerful for even the fat man from New York and his Russian backers to overcome.

The man who would be king will have been defeated, and we the people will again sleep peacefully in our beds.

Respectfully submitted,

F. Z. Mumfort,  American Moderate