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Has The Donald Gone Bye-Bye?

The question must be asked.  Has the President of the United States gone completely loco?   His reckless and seemingly mentally unbalanced statements appear to be getting worse.

Within the past couple of days, Donald J. Trump, has taken the world to the brink of a nuclear confrontation, threatening millions of lives by taunting the boy-man leader in North Korea.  From the safety and comfort of his country club in New Jersey, he has called the Governor of little Guam, our island territory in Kim’s nuclear crosshairs, assuring him “We’re behind you one-thousand percent!”   Really?   Never would have guessed.  Thing is, it was totally avoidable.

So was his idiotic statement thanking Russian President Vladimir Putin, a man who can do no wrong in Trump’s eyes, for expelling more than seven-hundred American diplomats from Russia.   Trump said that was just fine with him because expelling all those diplomats would save the U.S. a pile of money.

The Americans who have been expelled from Russia are career diplomats, who will be reassigned and not fired, so there’s no money to be saved.   Beyond that, our President has just praised a foreign adversary for kicking the United States in the teeth.   He can come back later and say he didn’t mean it but the fact is he said it and he’s the President, and his words carry weight.   Beyond that, it’s one more example of Putin being able to do no wrong in the eyes of Donald Trump.

What does Putin have on Trump?   Is Trump being blackmailed by the Russians?   Is it possible that Trump’s creeping authoritarianism, now challenging even his own party, could be guided by a foreign power?   Can he claim he’s just delivering on his promise to “drain the swamp?”  At times it feels like there’s an evil brilliance behind Donald’s actions that exceeds his abilities.

And now comes the creme de la creme of bizarro statements with Donald’s threat to invade the sovereign nation of Venezuela.    When I first heard it I laughed.  I stopped laughing as the frightening realization hit me that Trump might finally have gone completely off his nut.   What next?   Sending the 101st Airborne into the woods around Chappaqa, in search of Hillary’s emails?

Whatever Mr. Trump’s problem is, it appears to be getting worse.  It no longer matters whether Trump is acting to create a diversion or if he’s truly delusional.  Neither is acceptable.   The Republicans must act now to put a stop to this madness.


LATE ADD – HE’S DONE IT AGAIN – The piece above was written before the Neo-Nazi / White Nationalist automobile attack on counter protesters in Charlottesville, VA, which Trump tried to explain away by saying, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides.”    Unacceptable rubbish.

When it comes to Nazis, there are only two sides, fascism and freedom.  Many of us lost loved ones who fought to keep the world free of Nazis in World War II.  Trump is obviously trying to pacify those in his base who are white, racist, Nazi or KKK.     Unpresidential, Un-American and totally unacceptable.

Trump Turns America Into A Joke

“Stupid is as stupid does.”  So true, so true.

The world according to Trump has gotten to a point where it’s beyond shocking or outrageous.   It’s now gotten to the point of being so stumblebum stupid that it’s humorous, and perhaps because of that, more dangerous than ever.

It’s difficult to notice your country being taken away while doubled over with laughter.  “You hire a clown and you get a circus.”   I don’t know who coined that one, but it’s a goodie.  And with Trump, it’s true.

Yesterday one of the pundits was talking about Donald’s son-in-law approaching the Russians with the request that the Trump Administration (or elements of it) be allowed to use Russian diplomatic facilities (the Russian Embassy in DC?) to open a secure back-channel to the Kremlin.

This is beyond crazy.  This is idiotic.  As a former CIA operative put it, “What were they going to send the Russians?  The nuclear codes?…the presidential daily briefing?”   It was also noted that Jared Kushner, is apparently deep in debt and that he might be looking for a Russian bailout.   Or who knows?   It could be another in a series of Russian bailouts for the family Trump?   We still haven’t seen those tax records.   I mean all the records, not the sanitized dribs and drabs King Donald wants us to see.

Reports of the “back-channel” espionage move coming from the President’s closest adviser, coupled with Donald selling us out to the Sunni Arabs while turning his back on the Shiites and NATO like a petulant child was too much.  Somewhere between the sword dance in Riyadh and reports of the back-channel initiative in D.C. I broke out laughing.  The circus is in town and like it or not, ringmaster Donald is making all of us here in the United States look like a bunch of boobs.

How could we have elected this guy?  We didn’t.   Only nine percent of the electorate voted in the primary to send Hillary and Donald to the general election.   Nine percent.  Most of us didn’t want either candidate, but at the same time, most of us were too lazy or just plain negligent to first pay attention to what was going on and then get up and go out to fulfill our responsibilities as citizens of these United States by voting in the primary.   All you guys who didn’t vote, you did this to us and to the world, which now looks on in horror wondering what the American ringmaster will call down next.

There’s the question of whether our two-party system is still even viable, but that’s another column.   As is the need to make it easier and not more difficult to vote.

Trump has taken sides with the Sunnis against the Shiites in the Middle East, and he doesn’t even know where the Middle East is.  Most of his base of supporters, for that matter, probably have no idea who the Sunnis and Shiites are, or what role they play in all of this.   Trump admitted his ignorance when he talked about having been in the Middle East upon his arrival in Israel.

The man clearly has personality issues.  Beyond that, he is just plain ignorant.

Before now, the U.S. was on the periphery of a holy war that’s more than a thousand years old.  Now, thanks to Donald J. Trump, we are in the middle of the dispute, which has no end in sight.

There was also the shoving incident at NATO, where the President of the United States looked like a spoiled pre-teen bully, shoving the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of the way so that he, the mighty golden-domed Donald, could be at the front of the group for what appeared to be a photo-op.  This was perhaps, eclipsed only by Trump’s giving away the location of two nuclear submarines to the current dictator of the Philippines,  a man who advocates for common citizens to run out into the streets and opening fire on anyone they suspect of being a drug dealer (much easier than divorce?), only hours before being scolded by the Brits, who were understandably twisted out of shape about an intelligence leak coming from the U.S. regarding the suicide bombing in Manchester.

And of course his criticism of the “bad” Germans.   Those “bad, very bad” people who employ 33,000 Americans at their auto facilities on U.S. soil and who, at America’s calling,  sent their troops to serve in Afghanistan, as part of the U.S. led coalition.

The Donald seems intent upon doing all he can to pass the mantle of the leader of the free world over to Angela Merkle.

It was at some point during this unending nightmare that the great golden-domed idiot also congratulated congressional candidate Greg Gianforte on his win in Montana, saying nothing about the man body-slamming and then pounding a reporter for The Guardian newspaper a day before the election.  What did the reporter do to deserve the pummeling which sent him to the ER?   He asked the candidate for his position on a recent report from the Congressional Budget Office.  Oh yeah, that’ll get you hammered every time.

One wonders if members of congress aren’t brushing up on their self-defense moves, now that Greg “The Fist” Gianforte, a man with a proven uncontrollable temper,  is headed for D.C.

Oh, he’ll probably be just fine, so long as he doesn’t get any questions about the Congressional Budget Office.  I mean, it’s not like politics is intertwined with funding, or anything.

And so, I couldn’t take it any longer and I just broke out laughing. Better than crying, I guess.  Although we may all be doing some of that as well, if the Republicans don’t grow a pair and vote for impeachment sooner instead of later.   Kushner’s reported request for a back-channel to the Kremlin out of a Russian property should be the last straw on the back of a camel barely standing under the weight of what appears to be criminal activity that threatens the nation.

Come on, people.  Trump has turned the country into an international joke.  A man who is the embodiment of a cross between Chauncey Gardner and Forrest Gump is making us all look like idiots.