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DNC Chair Turns Her Back On Labor



DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, joined Republicans in the House and voted FOR “fast tracking” the TPP trade bill, which now goes back to the Senate.   Schultz cast her vote in spite of opposition to the bill from both a majority of Americans and labor, including the AFL-CIO and the Communications Workers of America.  There are now calls for her to step down as Chair of the DNC, which too often looks like they are representing a party of centrist Republicans and not the traditional party of progressive working class Americans.

What a strange alliance, with Republicans, Obama and Wasserman Schultz supporting the TPP trade bill with a majority of the House Democrats and labor on the other side.   The behind-the-scenes deal making to get this thing passed has to be outrageous.  One wonders what the 28 Dems who voted for fast-tracking the bill in the House (including no fewer than 5 Californians) are being promised, and what it will take for the Democratic  Party to reclaim its moral and ethical center?

We can all make a difference as the bill heads back to the Senate by e-mailing or calling our U.S. Senators , urging them to vote AGAINST fast-tracking the TPP bill.   Do it.  You’ll feel better.