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Coronavirus – A Day At The Beach?

Just watched a newscast from Los Angeles, showing hundreds, probably thousands of people at the beach, despite California Governor Gavin Newsom issuing an order closing all the bars and nightclubs, calling for everybody, including young people, to stay at home and “shelter in place.” Which many obviously are not doing. They are going to the beach. Even while new numbers indicate that the Coronavirus is not specific to older folks. It’s going after younger people, as well.

Kudos to Ocean City, Maryland, Mayor Rick Mehan, for calling for a shutdown to his beachfront town several days ago. Looks like Gavin Newsom, may have to do the same but on a much broader scale.

In other virus related news, I just got an email from Home Depot, saying “We’re open and here to help.” This may explain why their parking lot was full to bursting when I made a grocery store run the other day. All those people getting together in that giant store. Seems somehow counterintuitive. How difficult is it to order whatever you want online and have it delivered? The email did explain that Home Depot can and will deliver. I guess there were just a whole lot of people who wanted to get out of the house?

Based upon what’s happening in Italy, where the death toll rose by nearly 60% in one day and with truckloads of coffins heading out for state-run crematoriums, we should probably all be taking this pandemic a bit more seriously and staying home except for trips that are absolutely necessary, like going out for groceries or to the pharmacy. I was among the doubters early on, but with the numbers now coming in the Coronavirus appears to be deadlier and far easier to transmit than the seasonal flu.

We can listen to what the experts are saying and lock ourselves down a little more, or within a matter of days we could be waiting for the military trucks to roll by, carrying the dead, as our health system becomes overwhelmed with new Coronavirus cases on top of all the other bugs and surgeries they have to deal with.

So far, during this current “flu season” here in the U.S., there have been more than 390,000 hospitalizations for the regular seasonal flu – not the Coronavirus, but the regular seasonal flu – according to the CDC. Any new bug, like the Coronavirus, will be piling on for our already overburdened doctors and nurses. And if we lose them it’s game over.