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It’s The Russians, Stupid

While CNN and MSNBC continue hammering away with their Covid/Cuomo obsession to the exclusion of almost all else, I had to go to the BBC, to find out that the Russians have (again) been targeting us with disinformation about Covid-19 vaccines on Facebook.

“Facebook Removes Anti-Vax Influencer Campaign,” the headline reads on the BBC. Their reporting explains further, that Facebook, “…has removed hundreds of accounts which it says were involved in anti-vax disinformation campaigns operated from Russia.” The campaigns, according to the article, targeted “India, Latin America and the U.S.” with the express purpose of undermining pubic confidence in Covid vaccines.

Why is Vladimir Putin trying to sew chaos around the world? Could it be because he wants us diverted from his big picture efforts aimed at destroying democracies and extending the power of oligarchs? American broadcast journalists have taken their eye off the ball, because they don’t know what the ball even is. At their urging, the American public spend their time debating the insidiousness of a politician making women “feel uncomfortable” and the value of wearing a mask as the Delta Variant storms across the United States.

Not that none of that matters, but at the same time, the unforgivable “Citizens United” decision is all but forgotten with a river of dark money influencing our public officials and oversight of the media all but non-existent, the Fairness Doctrine now long-forgotten and ratings-driven profits being all that really matters to tv and cable execs in front offices and boardrooms across the country.

Welcome to the U.S.A. The best government money can buy while the media watchdog takes a snooze in the corner. Isn’t this what we should be most worried about? The loss of our freedom of choice? Our liberty?

For their part, the Democrats, are trumpeting their great accomplishment with their infrastructure bill, an issue that will have faded from view as the Republicans, assisted by the Russians, pump so much smoke into the air that millions of us won’t be able to find our way to the polls, much less know who we should vote for, the Republicans, the new whiter than white party of the right, or the Democrats, who have seemingly been overtaken by a new inclusive diversity frenzy of the far-left that appears to view straight white men as the enemy as their numerous alphabetized categories of sexual definition grow ever longer, with “his” and “hers” all but eliminated in favor of “theirs.” No men, no women, just unisexual democrats. Whatever you do, don’t tell a woman she looks good or pat anybody on the back. Just don’t touch anybody. Ever. Even if you’re culturally predisposed to do so and the people you come from have been for thousands of years.

The Republicans increase their influence through fear-based KGB-like disinformation tactics and race-baiting, while the Dems, once again prove to be their own worst enemy, as they tear themselves to shreds from the inside-out, with their far-left attacking their more moderate base, leaving millions out in the cold, wondering if the Democratic Party’s really for them, or if its left-leaning faction has strayed too far to the left to suit their moderate sensibilities.

It occurred to me the other day, that what we need is another Ross Perot. For a time, it looked like he might provide an answer, the dawn of a new political day for America with his “Reform Party.” He appeared to be a true moderate. But it wasn’t to be. In 1992, he pulled in 18.9% of the popular vote, but got not even one electoral vote. Such is our system, with the winners taking it all and the losers being invited to “get lost.”

Then, at least, there were limits on funding campaigns. Now there are no limits as to how much money anybody, even a foreign power, can pump into the process to influence a campaign or an issue and we the people have to rely upon the BBC to tell us what’s really going on?

But who listens to the BBC? Exactly.

You can be sure Mr. Putin, finds all of this most amusing while others among us, fear for the worst.

How Trump Got Himself Elected (Why The Russians Are Laughing)

A little truth thrown in with deception adds credibility and therefore legitimacy to a lie.    It’s probably safe to say that this simple method of adding a drop of truth to a massive deception could be a cornerstone of Vladimir Putin’s great Russian snow-job designed to cripple and if possible, destroy Democracy.

Consequently, we see “Sputnik Radio,” helping to keep progressive talkers like Thom Hartmann on the air, not to mention “RT” television,” formerly “Russia Today.”   I’m pretty sure Hartmann is all in favor of Democracy and against autocrats, oligarchs and dictators, and yet, he is broadcasting on a channel owned and operated by the Russian Government, presumably because Vladimir Putin lets him say mostly what he wants to say while his very presence provides legitimacy (cover) for a broader plan of attacking Democracy – even though that’s undoubtedly not his (Hartmann’s) intent.  His intent, surely,  is to keep practicing his craft, and Sputnik Radio and RT give him the ability to do that.

Of even more significance, is the fact that this technique of mixing in a bit of truth here and there with an overall deception is precisely the method Donald J. Trump used to get himself elected.   It was a principle pillar of his campaign as he told lie after lie about crowds cheering as the twin towers came down, about Barack Obama’s birthplace and Ted Cruz’s father being tied to Lee Harvey Oswald. Then, like magic, he would skillfully smile and spin, proclaiming the need for America to do more for its veterans, the need to support Medicare and Social Security while keeping the nation safe from “our enemies” so that he could eat chocolate cake and kiss babies.

And only he would be able to get it done.

A lot of it sounded pretty good, didn’t it?   Of course.  A little truth mixed in with a lot of deception got Donald J. Trump elected.    Not that the Russians had anything to do with it.   We’re still waiting for the FBI report on that one.

It should be noted that progressive talkers the caliber of Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, Larry King and Mike Papantonio  going on a Russian owned network  should probably be seen as an indicator of a broken American broadcasting system following the mega-mergers of the 80’s and 90’s (thank you, Ronald Reagan), serving to shut out alternative points of view.   Not “alternative news” mind you, but legitimate, informed and alternative points of view that can be supported by facts.   There’s a difference.   One is valid disagreement.   The other is BS.

Of critical importance right now is the need to uphold and support the First Amendment, even if the Russian Government uses it  to promote their own best interest.   If they can convince us (scare us enough) to set aside the First Amendment they will have lobbed a torpedo into the middle of what will be a crippled American ship.   The very fact that we support freedom of speech, no matter who is doing the talking is key to maintaining our freedom.  Even if it’s the Russians.   We can’t let these guys shred the Constitution, regardless of what their disinformation and fake news might say.

Imagine that, an enemy convincing us that we are being played for fools by letting them use our freedom of speech against us to the degree that we would consider setting aside the First Amendment or any other Constitutional freedom.  That’s beyond clever.  It’s pure evil.

So is using credible, progressive American talkers on Russian Government sponsored tv or radio,  lending credibility to those who would destroy our way of life.   I’m talking here about the Russians as the bad guys, not the progressive talk show hosts.  I know it can be confusing.  The Russians are counting on it.  It’s what disinformation is all about.