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The Dems Need To Dial It Down

Last night’s ” Bill Maher show was well worth watching, particularly the last ten minutes with his analysis of how badly the Democratic Party stands to get stomped in 22 and 24 if they don’t reign in their special interest purity test promoting extremists. In short, their wild-eyed push for “inclusion” stands to blow them right out of the electoral water. How many people even know what the hell that actually means, as though it has any standard meaning at all? People fear what they cannot understand.

I’m progressive. I’ve been in a”woke” mode since the 60’s. I was actually there, unlike so many younger people who now want to preach to me and others of my generation regarding what they think we should believe based upon what they naively think we do not know.

The 60’s were a bitch. Only those who were there can fully understand the scope of what went down . The threat to the Republic is now even greater. Somehow the Democratic leadership has got to get AOC and a few others to stand down and chill out, turning off their PC “purity test” meters to a degree that the party becomes more attractive to a broader base by appealing to, as Bill Maher put it, “common sense.” The alternative is to continue the infighting over PC/special interest issues and risk losing the country to Fascism.

Language That Makes You Ill

Went to Joe and Mika this morning and found myself neck deep in a discussion of “Illliberalism.” Seriously? What the hell? I was just getting used to Neoliberalism to the point that I could comfortably work it into the political landscape, and now they’re hitting me with this?

I need a break. We all need a break. Hopefully, one is on the way. I am beyond hoping for those good old liberal, conservative and moderate divisions and their sub-divisions of center-right, center-left, far right and far left, which everybody could understand. Well, most of us, anyway. A world where many of us didn’t feel threatened by the newest almost daily politically incorrect word or phrase or way of thinking, with concepts like Illiberalism being thrown at us and being used like we’re all supposed to understand what those who use these new words are saying. It’s not them, it’s us? What nonsense. It’s them and they are out of control.

A few weeks ago, “LatinX” entered the scene. Huh? I spent more than thirty years in Los Angeles, and it appears they’re talking about Latinos, which is a word I understand. “LatinX” means nothing to me. It sounds like a slur on people who originated in Latin America. Sounds like somebody wants to “X” them out? I hope it doesn’t last. Like calling women “Karens,” which is a childish slur on millions of women who don’t deserve it. What is this? The 4th grade? That needs to go away too.

We are all bogged down in an Illiberal, Neoliberal, Illconservative swamp. A world where many of us can’t understand what’s being said, and that might be the greatest threat of all. We would probably all be far better off if we tried to keep it simple. Then, at least, we would be able to understand one another.