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January 17, 1994 – 4:31AM

January 17th, was the anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake. I had forgotten all about it until I started reading some of what my friends in Cali were posting on Facebook. Then it all came rushing back. Here’s what I posted on one friend’s FB timeline. It was what it was, and it was really something.

Unlike prior quakes this one did not stop. Just got worse and kept going. Later, reports from CalTech indicated the earth where we lived in the SF Valley had moved a foot both vertically and horizontally as the mountains at the west end of the Valley were permanently rearranged. Bookcases were down. In the kitchen, everything that had been in the cupboards was on the floor. The fridge had danced out into the middle of the kitchen. My wife’s crystal, all shattered. After walking around our building to check for structural damage I left for work to cover the death of a CHP cop where the freeways had collapsed at the I-5/14 interchange. I recall Carlos Amezcua asking me while we were on the air live how I felt personally about the experience. I choked up, as I said I was just happy my wife and I were both still alive. Later that day I swore I would leave Cali. Twenty one years later, I did. There’s a lot to love about California. As with all places, there are two sides to the coin.