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The Trashing Of Minneapolis

Am again watching KSTP-TV’s coverage on streaming video. Minnesota state officials are saying all of those arrested on Friday night are from out-of-state. Their estimate is that 80% of the protesters are from out-of-state. They say they had too few people last night and are mobilizing thousands of MN Nat’l Guard members.

This appears to be a two-faction situation, those who are protesting the death of George Floyd and others who are coming in to burn and pillage. It will be fascinating to find out who these outside agitators are – if they can make that determination. Sounds like they need the FBI.

The focus needs to remain on what happened to George Floyd and why, and not on the violence, which some might try and use to their political advantage.

I was reminded by a friend of the Reichstag fire in Berlin in 1933, which assisted with the rise of Germany’s Third Reich. I’m not suggesting any such connection exists here and now, just that this kind of chaos can be used to political advantage.

Kudos to the staffers at my old home at KSTP, who are doing a incredible job of reporting this out. Having covered the Los Angeles riots, I have more than a little empathy for what they’re going through, and am very happy not to be there – not right now. Very, very sad for my home state, the city of my birth and my alma mater.