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The Iron Lady And The Pillow Guy

So the U.K.’s new PM, is turning out to be just as ditsy as so many Brits said she was, as, without warning, she came out with a plan to cut taxes to her richest constituents, paying for it by borrowing and putting the burden of replaying the debt on all the regular folk lower down on the economic ladder. A tax cut is one thing, but Liz, wanted to eliminate an entire tax bracket for the richest of the rich and then get the poor folks to pay for it. Oh my. Moreover, she did it without the support of her own party. Even a novice politico would have seen this as an impossible move in a proportionally representative system, but not Liz Truss, who reportedly sees herself as the next Maggie Thatcher.

With the weight of both public opinion and her very own party crashing down upon her stiff upper lip, Truss, abruptly did what the Brits kindly call a “u-turn,” and forgot about it. Leaders in her party are now, according to reports, trying to figure out how to get rid of her as quickly as possible, before she is able to attempt any more buffoonery. It appears to be Boris Johnson times ten.

Politics-watchers, are waiting to see which of Truss’s colleagues will be forced to fall on their sword to save the PM, who once, while doing a speech about British exports, inexplicably touted the dangers of importing too much cheese, which she called a “disgrace.”

Apparently, she doesn’t think the Brits deserve a bit of cheese now and then.

If you can’t find humor in any of that, then consider the “Pillow Guy,” good old Mike Lindell, in the spotlight again, this time before the Supreme Court of the United States, where his appeal to throw out a $1.3 billion defamation suit filed by U.S. Dominion, the company that manufacturers voting machines, has been denied. This of course, is all tied up in Lindell’s belief that the election was stolen from his buddy, DJT.

Can’t wait to see what the late night talk show hosts do with Lindell and what SNL does with Liz Truss. Ms. Truss in particular. It’s just too big an opportunity to pass on while they wait for her next big move as she attempts to become the UK’s next “Iron Lady.” There is no comparison of course, since Maggie Thatcher was capable of salient thought and Truss seems to be a legend in her own mind.

What was it Dr. Thompson said about American politics? Words to the effect of, “What do you want? You already live in the land of the weird.” Something like that. Not only was he right, but his analysis can now be expanded to include the U.K., which seems to be in a race to outpace anything the U.S. has been able to come up with.

With Heartfelt Thanks To Donald, Rudy And Mike

It began with last night’s appearance of the “Pillow Guy” from my home state of Minnesota, Mike Lindell, on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Lindell, was fantastic, bursting with personality and filled with religious goodwill and intelligent banter. Then, just this morning, I fired up the flat-screen to be greeted with news of the “Raid on Rudy,” with federal officers raiding Giuliani’s apartment in New York, gathering up evidence that will surely vindicate this good and generous man of any and all wrong-doing. What other outcome can be expected from someone who did so much to enhance the greatness of the already proven greatness of our very own, gone but never forgotten, Donald J. Trump? Who among us has done more, or at least tried to do more, for both America and the Ukraine, than Rudy Giuliani?

My heart swells with gratitude for all Mr. Trump, his political lieutenants, followers and fans have done for us, including, but by no means limited to, telling our traditional allies to take a hike while cozying up to dictators and tyrants around the world, with a special shout-out to Vladimir Putin, who, under the Administration of Mr. Trump, was finally given the recognition and respect he deserves.

When historical consideration is given to Trumpian accomplishments, the magnificent wall at our southern border, fully funded by Mexico, surely stands alone. Repealing and replacing Obamacare with something so much better and at a lower cost would have to come in a close second followed by the Administration’s efforts to dismantle, disable and otherwise cripple to the highest degree possible, the USPS, to further limit voting by those not wealthy enough to deserve it.

There were other noteworthy efforts, initiated by American patriot Steve Bannon, aimed at dismantling our institutions, making government more cost-effective by cutting services, and in some instances, coming close to making it non-existent. Many of us were left pondering the question of whether, beyond our military, government is necessary at all? Wouldn’t it be far more cost-effective if our decision making was left in the hands of a half-dozen or so oligarchs, while government services were privatized?

Who really needs the post office, or elections, for that matter? Doesn’t it all just get in the way? Wouldn’t it be so much better if we didn’t have to try and….you know….think about all that stuff?

Shouldn’t every real American stand ready to sacrifice their freedom of choice to achieve the goal of greater efficiency even if this means setting Democracy aside?

We should all remain grateful to Mr. Trump, for raising these questions as well as exhibiting the astounding wisdom of holding off on sounding the alarm about the spreading Coronavirus pandemic, so as not to cause undue awareness and possible panic. It was a move of such intellect and compassion that it nearly surpasses his support for a regime that kidnaps and butchers journalists. Think about it. What really matters more, the goodwill of a major Arab state and all that wonderful oil money, or the life of a single journalist? Striking this balance is surely the work of a stable genius, the likes of whom we may never see again.

And while the roll of unique talent is being taken, let us not forget the magnificent efforts of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Who in recorded history has done more to advance the cause of making the country more secure by furthering the power of our collective intellect through public education?

Like a Thanksgiving turkey, I feel stuffed, possibly even overstuffed, with gratitude and goodness for all they’ve done, both for us and to us. A gratitude exceeded only by my thankfulness for the great bounty of entertainment offered up by the motion picture industry at this year’s Academy Awards, a celebration of homelessness, civil unrest and racial injustice through the years. It was just the break from reality we all needed.

As we move forward in our never-ending quest for improvement, with elections still to come, we can only hope for continued and even greater input from Fox News and others of their conservative ilk, striving to provide us with the very best news and information profit-driven communications have to offer, while far less profitable traditional Journalism goes begging, it’s end, possibly in sight, having outlived its usefulness for a culture that no longer values reality but instead covets personal reinforcement, no matter how misinformed they might be.