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It’s Not All Bad

CBS News Sunday Morning, did a piece today about the song “We Are The World.”   They did the story, because today is the 33rd anniversary of the song being recorded by the who’s who of the music industry.

Thirty three years ago today, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Willie Nelson, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Tina Turner, Billy Joel and so many others got together in a studio in Hollywood to lay down the tracks for a song written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie.   Quincy Jones was there as well, conducting and co-producing the history-making choir made up of some of the most famous voices in the world, who, as CBS so correctly pointed out, were asked to “leave their egos at the door.”

Also there, against all odds perhaps, was a country boy from rural Minnesota.   I was with KABC-TV at the time, and they sent me over to cover the event.   Now, watching the coverage on CBS so many years later, I can hardly believe I had the privilege of being among a handful of journalists allowed in to witness the event as it happened.

Thank you, KABC.   Thank you, Los Angeles.  Thank you Journalism, for opening so many doors.  Thank you, CBS News Sunday Morning, for allowing thoughtful, non-rushed, long-form tv reporting to continue.

To date, according to the network, “We Are The World,” has raised some $65-million in aid for Africa.    More than $100-million has been raised for Africa and the United States.  And the beat goes on.