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Message From The Los Angeles Press Club

The Board of the Los Angeles Press Club strongly condemns the
State Department’s decision to exclude most media outlets from covering a briefing on international press freedom. On Monday, the State Department held a briefing call to discuss international press freedom with
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The call, bizarrely, was specifically only for faith-based media. In response to inquiries from excluded
journalists, the State Department declined to provide either a transcript of the call or a list of media outlets allowed to participate and would not explain the criteria used in choosing those media outlets. The LA Press Club joins the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press in urging
the State Department to immediately release the transcript of this
briefing call, and guarantee that future briefings — especially those on
issues of widespread public interest — are open to any and all interested journalists. A free and unfettered press is the pillar of our democracy.

(Received from LA Press Club, 3-21-19)

Message From The Los Angeles Press Club


We Support Jim Acosta



The Los Angeles Press Club stands in unity with the National Press Club, the New York Press Club, the White House Correspondents’ Association and all journalist organizations and media outlets that band together in support of the ousted CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

We call for the immediate reinstatement of Jim Acosta’s credentials and defend the right of Acosta and all other White House reporters to question the president without being threatened, retaliated against or being called the enemy of the people.

The LA Press Club joins the NY Press Club in offering participation in any joint statement or action on the part of media organizations to end the Trump administration’s attempts to interfere with coverage critical of the president.

The hostility against the press, whether it be Jim Acosta or Tucker Carlson, not only threatens the safety of journalists but Democracy itself.

“As President Trump knows better than anyone, the press is not the enemy of the people,” said Chris Palmeri, the club’s president. “We’re the guardians of the truth.”

A Free Press is the Pillar of Democracy. #NotTheEnemy