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“Black Lives Matter” Goes After Bernie Sanders Again – But Why?


It’s difficult to understand why the “Black Lives Matter” organization is targeting Bernie Sanders, a candidate they should be wholeheartedly supporting, and probably would be, if they took the time to look into his record on civil rights, prison reform and general support for middle class Americans against billionaires and  millionaires while Hillary Clinton has accepted tens of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from the big bankers on Wall Street and her husband has taken millions in donations for his foundation.

People don’t give money without an expectation of getting something in return and the Clintons are insiders in the game.

The Black Lives Matter activists apparently don’t understand that to win the Democratic Primary, Sanders must play to his base – and that means playing to the older, white liberals who traditionally vote in Democratic primaries.   And yet, they’ve gone after Sanders again, in what amounted to an orchestrated attack at  a park in Seattle, where they refused to let the Senator speak.   They were so disruptive as to shut down the event.

It’s downright embarrassing for a progressive to watch a group of activists who are allegedly also progressive,  go on the attack against the most progressive candidate the Democrats have.  A man who, some believe, could be our last best hope at salvaging what’s left of American democracy.   It’s so counter-intuitive.  The real enemy for the Black Lives Matter movement is on the right, among the Republican candidates, and not the Democratic Socialist from Vermont.

So  why are they doing it?   You have to ask yourself who benefits from the charge that Sanders doesn’t care about African-Americans?  That would be the Clinton campaign, right?   Far be it from me to suggest Hillary Cinton’s people would stoop so low, even with Sanders popularity surging.   However, there’s another,  even more intriguing possibility and that’s to “divide and conquer.”

One effect of the “Black Lives Matter” people disrupting Sander’s speaking events will be to anger Sander’s supporters, many (or most) of whom are white liberals.   So you then have white liberals turning against black liberals, while, at the same time,  driving some in the non-white community away from Sanders and over to who?   Hillary Clinton.   But,  again,  I can’t believe the Clinton campaign would stoop so low as to use the Clinton’s well known influence in the black community for such an underhanded, unprincipled and despicable tactic.   I can though, imagine the tactic being employed by certain forces on the right who fear a Sander’s candidacy more than Hillary Clinton, in the general election.

But this is nothing more than speculation.   The Black Lives Matter attack on Bernie Sanders by activists who clearly know what they’re doing (they appear to have been trained by someone), is probably just a misguided attempt to derail the campaign by a handful of people who haven’t taken the time to get to know Senator Sanders, or his record.   Probably.

After the swiftboaters successfully nailed John  Kerry, months of a wasted Whitewater investigation and the ongoing silliness of  repeatedly disproven Benghazi allegations and Hillary Clinton’s emails, it’s difficult to be sure of anything.