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Random Thoughts

Republicans have lost control of the White House and the Senate, and gas prices at the pump are once again through the roof. Happens every time the Republicans get booted out of office, almost like big oil is penalizing us for our voting, while, at the same time, trying to make the Dems look bad. Like they are screwing up the economy. I’ve seen this happen repeatedly over the years. Of course, there are a million “valid” reasons big oil has for unilaterally cranking up the price sky-high. Yeah, a million of them… Can’t happen with “free trade” and “open markets,” right? Admittedly, I could be totally wrong. Just imagining things. Again.

Now there are no actresses, just actors. As our language becomes less specific, we will all have a more difficult time understanding one another. Also, with this new “fast talking” thing that’s happening among young people, I already have trouble following anythinthyersying. Add to that words that are less descriptive, and we have a problem. Communication matters. Without it, we’re just great apes, swilling beer and watching football. Long live enunciation! Enunciation, is dead.

Why is so much being made on Facebook, of Eric Clapton not wanting to play to an audience that has been “discriminated against” with demands that they have all taken certain precautions against spreading Covid? You know, an attempt at preserving the public health? Clapton, is a musician. I don’t recall him ever claiming any credentials as an epidemiologist. Not sure he attended college? That said, he does have a right to his opinion, as well as a fundamental right to discriminate against those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, by refusing to allow them to attend a concert out of the presence of possible superspreaders. You might say that in refusing to discriminate, Clapton, is being very discriminating.

For the record, I am a huge Clapton fan. Love the man’s music but I have no intention of relying upon him for medical advice.

And finally, a word about CBS News, and their star anchor, Nora O’Donnell. The word is, I do not care what Ms. O’Donnell’s opinions might be about any specific story she is reading. Good journalists, in fact, are supposed to keep their opinions out of their work. It appears as though Ms. O’Donnell, has been told to be as opinionated as possible, issuing little quips and asides after selected stories, telling us how she thinks we should feel. It is not cute. It is not becoming. It is not informative. It is bad journalism, and it’s turning me off to CBS News. Walter Cronkite, would condemn it.

Who the hell is running that show? Interesting that Susan Zarinsky, was shown the door. She was probably too much of a journalist for what CBS News has become. In fact, I’d bet on it.