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Freedom Under Attack On Multiple Fronts

Business Insider is reporting that a branch of the FDA has been told to switch the television monitors in their building from CNN to FOX, per a request from the White House.

A thought:  Those who decry “fake news” the most, are the same folks who think fake news is real and real news is fake.   And we did it to ourselves.  Mostly.  But who really knows?  The Russians have got to be delighted.

Also, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, is looking into possibly of going after Stephen Colbert, for his alleged “obscene” attacks on President Trump.   Mr. Pai, is a Republican who was appointed by President Obama per a recommendation from Mitch McConnell.    One can only assume that Mr. Obama made this appointment back when he was still delusional and believing he could work with members of the Republican Party.

Hey, Ajit, you have a law degree, right?   Don’t you know that political speech is protected by the First Amendment?  Trump apparently has no idea, but you should.   You should also know about that Larry Flynt thing at the Supreme Court a few years back that set an iron-clad precedent regarding the protections offered political satire?   And you’re going after Colbert?  Maybe?   Are you kidding?  Or is this just harassment to make the big blond boss over in the White House feel good?

And finally, on this eve of the election in France, it appears someone (Russians?  Do ya think?) are doing to the French moderate candidate for president, Emmanuel Macron,  exactly what they did to Hillary Clinton.   They are apparently hacking his presidential campaign emails.   Not that it matters, but if Macron loses the election it could mean losing the European Union, a real coup for the oligarchs,  following the “Brexit” thing which also may have been partially engineered by the Russians who would like nothing better than to have the forces of Democracy pulled apart and scattered to the four corners, giving more power to fascists like Vladimir Putin.

All that’s needed now is for FBI Director Jim Comey to make a public statement linking  Macron with Anthony Weiner, even though the linkage is irrelevant.   Except that it will help throw the election to the candidate the Russians prefer.

Where the hell are the good guys?

Lord, have mercy.