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Identifying The Saboteurs Among Us


When did progressive or “liberal” politics become synonymous with what was once regarded as “common sense?”   Something as simple as the good of the many taking precedence over the good of the few?   A principle called the “common good,” which was still around when I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s.

There was real comfort in knowing that while conservatives and liberals in Washington might disagree, eventually they would come up with a compromise with the good of the nation, not the good of one party or another, at its center.   That comfort factor, that assurance that our elected representatives would do what was best for the country, no longer exists.

Could it possibly be tied to the shift away from the conservative values of people like Dwight Eisenhower, Everett Dirksen and even Richard Nixon and over to the madness and self-centered nonsense of that  which currently passes for the Republican Party?

Think about it for God’s sake.   This current batch of Neocons and Tea Party wingnuts has pulled the nation so far to the right that even the politics of Dick Nixon appear to be progressive.

We’re through the looking glass, people.   We have got to admit it to ourselves and do something about it.

Reports indicate that Iranians are celebrating in the streets following the Obama Administration’s successful preliminary deal on controlling the development of nuclear power in Iran.    That should be good, right?   Isn’t it in our interest to be friends with Iran in the pursuit of peace rather than being threatened by an ever-spreading war in the Middle East?

And yet, those on the right will condemn the deal, because they care more for party politics than the country they pretend to represent.   They will condemn it, because they have taken an oath to condemn everything and anything the Obama Administration does, regardless of the impact their action or inaction has on the United States.

Isn’t that aiding and abetting our enemies?   Aren’t they committing a form of treason, albeit a kind of “backdoor treason” that might be difficult to pin down in a courtroom?   Isn’t that always the way for tyrants who know they might eventually have to squirm out from under a pile of invective, half-truths and outright lies they accumulate over time?

When will these contemporary Republicans put what’s best for the country ahead of their need to attack this current commander in chief?  Apparently, they won’t.  The question then becomes, how can they be held accountable?

The common sense answer is once again, coming from the left, from Anna Galland,  Executive Director of MoveOn.org. 

Galland writes-

“Today’s historic announcement of a strong framework between Iran and six world powers to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon is a breakthrough achievement and testament to years of tough, courageous, and principled negotiations.

“This is perhaps the most significant foreign policy accomplishment of the Obama presidency, and offers the promise of a peaceful path with Iran, rather than a rush into an unnecessary war. We applaud President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and Secretary Moniz for this diplomatic achievement. For years, MoveOn members across the country have stood beside President Obama, fought for diplomacy, and urged their representatives in Congress not to undermine these negotiations.

“Yet Republican war hawks—and too many Democrats who are siding with them—are continuing their crusade against the president and trying to sabotage this deal.

“Let me put this simply: The alternative to diplomacy with Iran is war. Any member of Congress who sabotages diplomacy is putting American lives at risk. MoveOn members across the country are mobilizing immediately in support of this framework, and we will hold any elected officials who sabotage diplomacy accountable for the rest of their political careers.”

There it is.  Common sense.   If this current batch of Republicans and some Democrats refuse to do what’s best for America, then Americans need to finally, hold them accountable.

This deal with Iran has yet to be finalized.   There is still plenty of time to sabotage the Obama Administration’s efforts, as the pact won’t be finalized until the end of June.    We all need to keep our eyes on those who oppose the negotiation with Iran, for they will be exposing themselves as true saboteurs who favor war over the potential for a lasting peace in the Middle East and North Africa, and party politics over America’s best interests.

For the good of the nation and the world, they must be recognized for what they are.  Anna Galland is right.  They must be held accountable.