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Does This Stupid Ballgame Really Matter?

The shooting was a terrible thing but somebody needs to tell these people in Congress and the network pundits that beyond the beltway nobody gives a damn about their stupid baseball game.  I would hazard a guess that before the shooting, nobody outside of this current gang of D.C. insiders even knew the game existed.   Because it was irrelevant.

Real people,  those not blessed by holding elective office, are too busy worrying about healthcare costs, mortgage payments, the cost of college, the soaring cost of food and trying to understand all the added “fees” on their bank statements and cable bills.

This one silly game, with members of Congress prancing about in their little uniforms might raise some money for charity,  which some might think is justification for its existence, but there are more than 20-million Americans worried about losing their healthcare, thousands of others deployed overseas in endless wars and an ongoing issue with terrorism.   There’s also the small matter of being hacked by the Russians and a President who remains under investigation for possible collusion.

Cancel your stupid game.   Those of you who think it represents some imaginary symbolism of the left and right being able to come together, get real.  Once you’ve passed a balanced budget, brought the troops home, enacted universal healthcare, passed meaningful campaign finance reform, sensible gun control legislation and seen to caring for our very young and our elderly, then maybe you can go out and play.  Until then, get back to work and fix this mess.