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A Bad Hair Day For The Brits

Shed a tear for the Brits and another for the free democratic world. Former London Mayor, Boris Johnson, is the U.K.’s new prime minister. He is promising to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union, even if that means “crashing out” with no agreement on how to move forward. The results could and quite likely will be enormous and potentially damaging for the U.K. and its allies as well.

The poor Brits now have their very own version of Donald Trump. The two have more in common than curious coiffures. Both front conservative parties. Both were born in New York City. Like Trump, Boris has a reputation for bluster, the occasional antic and saying whatever he must to win an argument regardless of the facts. They are both living caricatures. Trump, oblivious to factual information and ignorant of history and Johnson, apparently oblivious to Parliament’s many past failures in reaching a deal on “Brexit.” He appears to epitomize those who have no knowledge of that old saying that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

The markets are said to be very nervous with Johnson’s election. They should be. We should be too. Disunity among democratic nations is to Russia’s advantage. There is in fact some evidence that Putin and his cyber-spies helped engineer the popular push for taking the U.K. out of the European Union, just as they helped Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. (Read the Mueller Report. Please.)

The British people were convinced that leaving the E.U. would be a good idea, so they voted for it, just like the American people voted for Donald Trump. Not unlike the British system, the American system is so fouled up with its Electoral College, that Trump won the presidency without a majority of the popular vote. And now a man named Boris is the Prime Minister because he leads a party that holds the most seats in the House of Commons.

It is worth noting that Johnson was so disliked as London’s Mayor, that Londoners got as far away from his conservative persona as they possible could in their next election, bringing in a labor party Muslim to replace him. His two years as Foreign Secretary have been called “disastrous.” And now, because of the hazards, rancor and chaos of parliamentary politics, he has been named Prime Minister. That said, the British system might still be superior to American politics. We’re the ones saddled with Donald Trump, who has just vetoed a bill banning arms sales to the Saudis, so that they can ramp up the war in Yemen, a war the U.N. has declared to be the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Boris Johnson in the U.K. and Donald Trump in the U.S. It’s so obviously bad for the world’s democracies and good for bullies, tyrants and strong men. Good for all those who prefer dictators, oligarchs and Neo-Feudalism, even though a majority of the British were conned into voting in favor of Brexit, which is where the situation gets really twisted for the British Parliament. It’s almost as vexing as America having to deal with a President who was elected even though he lost the popular vote, ignores the Constitution and is widely believed to have issues demanding a doctor’s care. He’s lost control. He’s now yelling at reporters when he doesn’t like their questions. His mental condition is the Republican elephant in the middle of the room that nobody wants to talk about.

Somewhere, Vladimir Putin must be smiling. Again. He’s probably been smiling a lot since he helped put Trump in the White House. We can only hope that America follows London’s lead in 2020, and votes in a new president who is as far away from Donald Trump as we can possibly get. We need to recover from this mess before recovery becomes next to impossible.

As for our cousins across the pond, all we can do is wish them the best of luck in surviving their very own version of “The Donald” and his call to “Make America Great Again.” Most of America, I think, held the belief that we were already a great nation. We were the county that was essential in winning World War II. Remember? We are also the folks who put a man on the moon.

It’s difficult to determine if Johnson is mimicking Trump as some kind of heroic ideal but it’s certain that they have more in common than bizarre hair. Johnson’s admonition on his first day as PM was to “make this country the greatest place on earth.” I wonder how Her Majesty feels about that? If Boris Johnson feels there is a better place to be, then why isn’t he living there? Maybe he and Trump can find an island somewhere and leave the rest of us alone?

Boris And Donald Explained


There’s something more about Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.    Both are blonde and from New York.  Both sport bizarre hairdos, oh so carefully quaffed.  Almost like they are overly concerned with their hair.   Like it’s a bicycle helmet for Trump and a system of tiny antennae for Johnson.   His hair seems a mess, but a purposeful mess.  Like it’s intentional.  As though it’s what he was programmed to do.

But by who?   Or what?

Trump, the rich, spolied, thin-skinned playboy who is liable to say anything about anybody,  and Johnson, the rumpled rugby player type from the UK,  a character-study straight out of a London pub.  Except that he was born in New York?

It’s beyond belief, staggering really, that either of these stereotypically buffoonish characters could reach positions of international importance in our world.   Is it because we are so small and incompetent, with a system that is so easily co-opted?   Or is it something else?   Something far more sinister?

The awful truth could be that both men are space alien imports, the result of some kind of terrible human clone spaceguy hybrid sent here as a cruel experiment.   Beings from another planet having a good laugh by placing a couple of unpredictable bozos in leadership positions and then sitting back and watching all the fun as the Earth goes to pieces.

It’s no wonder Clinton, Sanders and Elizabeth Warren seem so human.  It’s because they actually are.   And it explains John McCain, Sheriff Joe, Jan Brewer and the entire State of Arizona.  Except for a few snowbirds and undocumented workers from the south, it’s loaded with spaceguys.   They probably have a big landing pad and a clone factory hidden somewhere out in the mountains.   They could be homing in on you at this very moment, scrambling your gray matter.

Before long  you too could become Benghazi obsessed, hanging on every word from Paul Ryan while praising the accomplishments of Dick Cheney,  Dubya Bush and Sarah Palin.  Feeling an overwhelming urge to send out checks to Pat Robertson at the 700 Club to get more “News from a Christian perspective.”   As opposed to the other thing.   You know.  Actual news.

This will probably be my last post.   You can be sure the spaceguys will be coming for me once they learn that I’m onto their terrible scheme.


Let The Queen Fix It


Well, they did it.   The Brits dropped out of the evolving world and went all isolationist on us.   They voted for regresssion rather than progression.  And now the tv-talkers are threatening us with financial ruin.   Our pensions they say, are probably in jeopardy although they really don’t know.    It’s fun to talk about it though, isn’t it?   Gives all the old folks palpatations as we again face the instability of an uncertain future.

The Brits have forced the world to abandon the devil they knew.  The lynchpin has been pulled.  As with the Bush/Cheney Administration, fear has significantly lowered the bar,  pushing us once again up against the time-tested axiom that throwing a big enough scare into people will clear the way  for tyrants and greedfreaks to do damn near anything they want.

I awoke today with the distinct feeling that we should all be grateful that the “Brexit” occured at the end of the week, as it will give the bug-eyed greedfreak traders a full two days to calm down.   Without the weekend to catch their collective breath while falling into an alcohol-induced stupor, they just might have wrecked the world’s economy.   Again.   And they still might.

I’m still wondering where all those billions of pounds went.   Where does that much money go?   Can’t fit that much cash under the mattress.   Some island maybe?

Perhaps the most interesting facet of this latest great-quake on the historical landscape is speculation that what happened to the Brits, is about to happen to us here in the United States.    Even without a Muslim being elected Mayor of New York City.   Not that Sadiq Kahn being elected Mayor of London had anything to do with the Brexit gaining momentum.  At least nobody’s talking about it.   Wouldn’t be PC.

The British elites, it is argued, were so out of touch with the masses that they couldn’t see it coming.   Couldn’t even imagine it.   But there it was.

Here, instead of Boris Johnson, we have Donald Trump, and like the UK, we are a nation filled with anger and frustration and a very real division between those who are doing well and those who are not.   It feels as though those who are doing well don’t necessarily get it on this side of the pond, either.   Or they don’t care, particularly those who subscribe to the economic philosophy of “boom and bust,” which some believe is a cycle we are destined to endure regardless of our wants and needs.    It’s an idea I particularly detest as it dictates that we are, and always will be, unable to overcome our lust for money.  Our need for greed.  An inability to overcome some of our worst instincts as a species.

But I’m getting in way over my head.    One might as well hope for the British to roll back the will of the people, someow keeping the UK in the EU.   That would require a denial of the democratic process and they can’t do that.   So I have a solution.   Since Britain is a monarchy,  let the Queen decide.   She could issue a Royal Decree overriding English statutory law with a command that the Brexit be reversed, which would probably lead to a popular uprising.   The royal family would in all likelihood eventually be overthrown but through all the confusion the UK would stay in the EU, the traders would sober up and calm down, and our pensions would no longer be threatened.

Of course none of this is going to happen, so we remain basically screwed, at least over the short-term, and by short I mean for the next several years as those who are supposed to know say that’s how long it will take for this Brexit mess to sort itself out.

Could the Brexit possibly represent the principle that led the founders to put so much faith in the electoral college as opposed to letting the people decide an issue through the employent of pure democracy?

God bless us everyone.   We are going to need it.   Except for the doomed masses those at the top fail to understand.    Those poor souls who have given up on finding a decent-paying  job, who can’t afford college or decent food,  who worry about their pensions and healthcare running out and  see a flood of immigrants from war-torn countries only making matters worse.   Those poor souls who feel they have almost nothing left to lose.   Like the Brits who voted to leave the EU.   They just might get through this crazy Brexit journey in better shape than when they started.