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Dear Networks: Please Tell It Like It Is

Some solid political pros, including James Carville, are predicting a sizable victory for Joe Biden. Another poll-watcher predicts it will be an early call for the Dems.

If that’s the case, if Biden blows Trump away early on, how will the networks handle it? Will they have the nerve to do their jobs and “tell it like it is,” or will they play a pc game, cowering in a corner and making it sound as though whatever nonsense Trump spouts has actual value, trying so hard to appear fair to those on the right by giving credit to Trump’s obvious lies that they end up being unfair to the truth and shortchanging the Biden camp?

Nothing much at stake here, just the future of the country. Remember when the Ben Bradlee character said that in the movie “All The President’s Men?” It was true in the 60’s, and it’s true now. Tell it like it is, not the way Trump wants it to be. Deceit, is the enemy. It always has been. More than ever, we need the strength of some real Journalism to pull us out of this.