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More Than We Can Handle

The endless Covid/Cuomo cycle to the exclusion of almost everything else on the 7/24 channels will put you in therapy if you let it. Just like FOX, CNN and MSNBC, put Donald Trump in the White House. Just as the unending stream of accusation is about to sink the career of Andrew Cuomo and possibly his brother as well, simply for being his brother.

After hearing someone being condemned forty or fifty times, one is likely to believe the condemnation regardless of its legitimacy.

This incessant yammering about the same two or three stories over and over is dangerous. The government needs to step in and somehow balance out the demands of the First Amendment with what’s best for the country as new tech continues creating a new intensity in communications with too little attention being paid to the quality of the product.

As a species, we are barely beyond the “monkey see, monkey do” phase in our development. We can’t be expected to deal with this.

A Difficult Time To Be A Democrat

Will the 78 year-old Joe Biden be able to run for another four years? Will Kamala Harris be able to fend off a Desantis campaign in 24 or will Desantis tear her to pieces as he grows the right-wing base by attacking the far-left? Or will Donald decide to go for it one more time?

Either way, with Donald or Desantis running, Harris, was the wrong choice for VP. She is without the necessary gravitas to run for president and represents a major mistake by the Dems. She has the persona of a grinning party girl from California, and that won’t win a national election.

If Trump is reelected, it could very well mean the end of our democracy. He went for one coup d’etat and got away with it, so why wouldn’t he go for another? Meantime, Desantis, is clearly running down in Florida, doing all he can with the mask issue to gin-up and grow his misinformed base for 2024.

And up in New York, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, is toast for allegedly making women “feel uncomfortable.”

Will the New York AG, Letitia James, ever file charges against Donald Trump? Not his company, mind you, but against Trump himself? Or will he walk away unscathed by criminal charges from James, who was widely touted as being the woman who would bring the Donald down?

Can you imagine Donald Trump doing any jail time? For anything? I can’t. Forget about the 26 women who allege sexual misconduct, and go straight to the more obvious stuff, like inciting to riot or staging an attempted coup d’etat against the United States of America? Not that either of those allegations, if proven, would merit any time behind bars. Or the allegations of 26 women. Despite all that, Trump, theoretically, could still run again while Andrew Cuomo, is toast. It isn’t easy being a Democrat.

Gavin, Andrew and Al

First Franken and now Newsom and Cuomo. What a victory it will be for the Republicans if they can take out both Newsom and Cuomo, two of Party’s brightest shining stars. Both are media-friendly personalities, loved by the camera and critically tied to the Party’s future. At least they were. Sadly, like guppies, the Dems are so adept at devouring their own that it’s difficult to know to what degree and whether any one Dem politician is being targeted or is on a path to self-destruction.

It would be nice to see the Democratic Party to begin supporting its own, even if they’ve made some mistakes, as opposed to deriding and destroying careers. Moving forward with an air of self-assurance and strength rather than cowering in fear over one misstep or another. It’s what the Republicans do, and it’s worked for them.

You can be sure that had Franken been a Republican and not a Democrat, he wouldn’t have been treated like a felon, which is pretty much the position the Democratic Party took, steamrolling him into being the “Flat Stanley” of politics, even though Franken’s alleged “transgressions” took place before he had been elected to the Senate.

For many Dems, it appears forgiveness and second chances have become anathema. One wonders how many potentially great party members and future leaders will be scared off by Democratic purity tests. Is the Party at a point where saints only need apply?