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U.S. Servicemen Overpower Terrorist On French Train


There’s a wonderful story running I first read in one of the British papers about two U.S. servicemen overpowering a terrorist on a French high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris.   The early reports said it was two U.S. Marines that overpowered the terrorist, who was apparently armed with an AK-47, a handgun and a box-cutter.  Later reports indicate it was a U.S. Airman and a National Guardsman, who tackled the terrorist and then beat him senseless, while a third man assisted in the apprehension.

Perhaps the early reports got it wrong because someone assumed that anyone who was unarmed and still tough enough to overpower a terrorist with that much firepower, must have been a Marine.   Not so, apparently.   Apparently, it’s the Air Force and National Guard, that deserve the credit.   Reuters reports that French President Francois Hollande, will be meeting meeting with those involved to thank them in person.

My first thought was bravo!   My second thought was that maybe the U.S. should put a couple of its military people on some of its civilian  airliners?    Their training could  be adapted, they’re already on the federal payroll,  and what better way to protect U.S. citizens?   If it worked on a train, why not on a plane as well?