Stop Assisting Kim Jong-il

 Kim Jong-il

photo: wiki commons  

Five months ago, former president Bill Clinton had to travel to North Korea to obtain the release of two American journalists that had apparently “strayed over” into enemy territory.  Apparently, they had made a mistake.  A bad one, but a mistake nonetheless.

Now comes word that another American, this one apparently motivated by religious zeal, has intentionally and illegally crossed over into North Korea to “call attention to tens of thousands of political prisoners believed held in the communist state.”  Oh really?  There are political prisoners being held by a fascist regime?  Do ya think?

Did this young “missionary” carrying a letter for Kim Jong-il really think he could have a positive impact?   This naive 28 year old Korean-American has done nothing that will impede the power of the communist regime in North Korea.   His only accomplishment is that he has given Kim another bargaining chip, another hostage to use in his ongoing battle of wits with the west.

Note to rookie reporters, Christian zealots and others trying to advance their careers or prove their faith –  Stay the hell away from the North Korean border.

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