Statement Of Carl Bernstein On The “Sedition” Of Donald Trump

If you missed it, Anderson Cooper had Bob Woodward, John Dean and Carl Bernstein on his show on Friday night. What follows, is part of what Carl Bernstein had to say regarding the committee investigating the insurrection of January 6th. Bernstein, said in plain language what so badly needs to be said.


“We still have hearings that are upcoming that are going to show the width and breadth of this conspiracy led by the President of the United States, to undermine the most basic democratic function of our Republic, the free election of the President of the United States and his successor taking office as a result of that free election. We are in a situation……we have never been in, in the United States,……even under Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon, got on a helicopter and agreed, because he knew he had to resign, he got on a helicopter and left town. Donald Trump, did something no president has ever done. He said, ‘I’m gonna stay here behind this desk. I am not gonna admit that I lost the election. I am going to stay here and remain the President of the United States, past the point where Joe Biden, the elected President of the United States, was supposed to take office. This is a conspiracy led by the President of the United States, such as we have never seen. That is why it is a seditious act. That is why Trump is a seditious president in addition to what Bob is saying, being a ‘criminal president.’ So we’re in territory here, that we have never seen….and even more remarkable, is that the Republican Party, unlike with Richard Nixon, which helped push Richard Nixon out of office, and forced him to resign, the Republican Party today, is supporting Donald Trump, supporting his insurrection, trying to undermine the January 6th committee… we now have, instead of a real democratic lower-case system, in which the institutions of government try to come up with the truth about what happened, as in Watergate, we now have one of the political parties dedicated to suppressing the truth.”

“Already, from what I’ve been told….. that the committee has shown and it has acquired enough information from both documents and witnesses, to show a real conspiracy going into the oval office to subvert the constitution and the electoral process in which ah…Joe Biden would take office. And it goes from the White House to the insurrection at the Capitol itself. There are many, many elements to this but what this committee has done, from what I can see so far, is to establish both a timeline of the President’s conduct, a timeline of what happened ah, involving the demonstrators trying to get to Pence. All these pieces are starting to fit together and the committee has an awful lot of the evidence and instead of cooperating with that committee, the other political party, unlike what happened in Watergate….the Watergate Committee came about because there was a 77-0 vote to create the Watergate investigation. What do we have today? No Republicans, to speak of, besides Liz Cheney, supporting the most important investigation of the Presidency, perhaps in our lifetimes, and the Republican Party, is trying to suppress it….I think suppress it in part, because they know, many of the Republicans in the Senate and the House, know that this committee has the goods, and is on the way to establishing a record of something we have never seen in the history of the United States, in terms of the seditious conduct of the President.” – Carl Bernstein 6-3-22 on “Anderson Cooper 360” CNN

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