Some TV Worth Watching

 Sherlock Holmes on PBS

Benedict Cumberbatch as the new Sherlock Holmes

A couple of new entertainment shows to recommend.  Both are British.   One is entitled “Doc Martin.”  It’s about a big city surgeon who is forced to give up surgery and become a general practitioner in a small seaside town.  He has no choice in the matter, as he reaches a point in his career where the sight of blood makes him nauseous after being struck by the realization that the patient under his knife is somebody’s mother.   And so, the former big shot surgeon elitist snob,  is left in a position where he has no choice but to deal with the plain speaking provincial ways of small town folk.  Funny stuff.  KCET, is running it in Los Angeles.  Not sure about other locales.

The other, released by BBC Worldwide and PBS,  is a new offering from Masterpiece Mystery featuring yet another incarnation of Sherlock Holmes.  The twist, and it’s a goody, is that world’s most famous consulting detective and his sidekick Dr. Watson are now in the 21st Century.   Watson, is just back from Afghanistan and is doing battle with PTSD.  Holmes, brilliant as ever, has gone hi-tech.  The amazing thing is that it works.  So often, an effort to contemporize a period piece falls flat.  This really does work.  Smart writing.  Great acting.  This too, is being offered by KCET here in Los Angeles.

Both these shows are refreshingly entertaining without insulting your intelligence.  Something most American television seems increasingly incapable of doing.

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  1. I watched Sherlock last night and agree wholeheartedly. The whole deductive process by Holmes is good for the brain–better than crosswords, one suspects. As usual, the Brits never seem to produce a bad actor, and they are all good in this show. I’m particularly fascinated by the constantly texting assistant to Sherlock’s brother–I hope we’ll see more of her.

    What’s ironic in your choices, is they are both currently on KCET, which is giving up quality in pursuit of the Bottom Line. Nothing wrong with the bottom line, but that’s not the purpose of Public TV.

    It seems most of the shows worth watching are from Cable these days. Most it seems, have hit and run seasons, running a dozen or so episodes, then going on hiatus for a few months. Some are merely entertaining, others a little deeper. But the list includes Terriers, Burn Notice, Justified, (The British) Top Gear, Deadliest Catch, etc.

    Aside from “Modern Family,” I can’t think of a new network show that approaches “Appointment TV” in the past couple of seasons.

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