Secret Military Contingent Prepares To Invade Southwest United States


Saw the following headline from the British paper the Daily Mail on Facebook this morning, “Special forces set to swarm Southwest and operate undetected among civilians in massive military exercise.”

The story details how 1,200 special forces troops armed  with blank rounds, will operate in seven states including California and Arizona in July, without being detected by the civilian populace.    The military calls it “routine training.”  Really?   For what routine?

This is so wrong on so many levels.  So wrong, that I was moved to email my U.S. Senators, my Congressman, the Governor of California and a County Supervisor.   I have emailed my concerns to various government officials before, but never that many in one sitting.

I did so, because someone needs to ask the question of why this kind of exercise, which crosses the line between our conventional military and some bizarre futuristic ninja-type infiltration of the local populace heretofore seen only at the movies is necessary?   Why?  So that the United States can more effectively police the entire world in support of the international corporatocracy?    Is that basically it?  Why else would we need to practice sending more than a thousand special ops soldiers including Green Berets and Navy Seals in as spies to operate among an English-speaking civilian population?   Isn’t this what the CIA is supposed to be doing?

Turns out this won’t be the first time the Pentagon has tried to pull this off.     The Army wanted to do basically the same kind of “infiltration” training in Utah in the summer of 2013, but Utahns pushed back and the exercise was canceled.   For the time being.   It now appears the military is bringing it back,  but on a much, much larger scale than a few counties in Utah.   This time it’s the entire State of Utah, along with six others.   According to the Daily News,  the states of Utah and Texas will be considered to be “hostile,” for purposes of the exercise.

And there’s more.  In January of 2012, I reported on the U.S. Military using portions of the City of Los Angeles for urban assault exercises, with U.S. troops backed up by units of the Los Angeles Police Department.    It was billed as “joint military training exercises.”  Training for what?   And now they want to secretly infiltrate seven states?

What are they preparing for and who is coming up with this stuff?   The same genius who thought we could go in and “democratize” all of the Middle East by applying a military solution to a purely political problem thousands of years in the making?   Was it the same brainchild who believed the Iraqis would be throwing roses at our feet and there would be “dancing in the streets” following the invasion?   Was it that guy?   To what degree has our civilian government ceded control to the Pentagon?

Trying to answer that question will give conspiracy theorists a perfect tipping point to claim that this latest “infiltration” exercise is the precursor to the establishment of marshal law.   It will only serve to generate more fear in a country that is already filled with fear.

We would all do well to remember the words of FDR,  when he said “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”   A very smart man, that FDR.   So was the author of “Brave New World,”  Aldous Huxley.

I borrowed the following Huxley quote from a posting on “Another Angry Voice.”   We the people and our representatives need to think about what it says, or one day we may all wake up to find that teaching the military to operate as spies among large civilian populations was only the first step, and that the worst fears of the “conspiracy nutjobs” among us have become reality.  “The ruling oligarchy” Huxley speaks of,  is in large part, already here.


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  1. We are currently in the dispensation in which Mr. Huxley described… His summary is perfect, amazing, and incredibly sad…

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