Sarah Palin’s Alaska – It’s Where She Belongs

Just watched the first 15 minutes of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”   She started out by dissing author Joe McGinniss, for moving in next door to work on his book.  She asked “how would you feel if someone who was out to do a hit piece on you moved in next door?”  (paraphrasing)  Frankly?  I’d invite the SOB over for dinner and drinks to talk things out.  That way, I would at least be certain he was getting my point of view without anybody else doing any “filtering” about what I’m really like.  Who knows?  We might even turn out to be friends.  Instead, Sarah, put up a bigger fence and went into hiding.  What’s she afraid of?  Joe McGinniss, is one hell of an author.   It’s not like he’s doing a piece for the Enquirer.  Could be wrong, but I think he’s also coached kid’s soccer.  If he’s good with kids he might be available for some baby sitting?  Could be a win-win?

From there she and her kids were taking a pontoon-plane ride to a remote location to fish for salmon.  You know, just another everyday activity for most Americans.  And yes, her kids are cute.  Yes, there are bears in Alaska.

Mostly, I am now bored with the travel log nature of it all and have been left with the feeling that there is no way this woman up in Alaska can possibly relate to those of use who live in urban America.  Things just aren’t as simple down here in the lower 48.

Oh wait, Sarah and her kids are now taking lessons at the Alaska Mountaineering School.  Something else the rest of us here in the lower 48 are into on a regular basis.

Okay, she’s back in another plane.  They seem to do a lot of flying.  This time it’s a “bush plane” and she’s headed for Mt. McKinley.  “Typical Alaska, the weather dictates what our activities are gonna be” she says.

Typical?  Not for the brothers in Compton.

Most of us down here in the lower 48 are working 7/24.  Those of use who are still lucky enough to have jobs, that is.  We’re worried about unemployment that’s running above 12% here in L.A.  She’s worried about falling into a glacial crevasse.  I guess we all have our burdens to bear.  Or bears to look out for.

“Oh my gosh, it’s so worth it!  Ya know, ya just gotta get outside!” she declares.    

I guess I’ll just have to try harder.  Or maybe somebody will ask me to run for national office resulting in a network tv show that pays for wilderness outings for my entire family.

But thanks for the advice.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  She seems to be having a really good time.  Lots of snappy one-liners.  It’s clearly where she belongs.  Here’s hoping she makes enough on the tv show to stay up there in her really big lakefront house with the bears and salmon and out of national politics.

Gotta go now.  Sarah’s doing some rugged and oh so dangerous rock climbing.  “Freakin out here…” she says.


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