Rosie the Riveter – RIP

 poster by j. howard miller  Just when I thought 2010 couldn’t get any worse, the Washington Post reports that 86 year old Geraldine Doyle,  the woman used as the model for “Rosie the Riveter” and the “We Can Do It!” posters during World War II, has died at a hospice in Michigan.  For those too young to know, the image of Rosie represented millions of American women who went to our factories during the war, to build planes, tanks, trucks, heavy artillery and everything else required for the war effort, because every able-bodied man was serving in the military.

“For millions of Americans throughout the decades since World War II, the stunning brunette in the red and white polka-dot bandanna was Rosie the Riveter.

Rosie’s rolled-up sleeves and flexed right arm came to represent the newfound strength of the 18 million women who worked during the war and later made her a figure of the feminist movement.” -Washington Post

And so, the woman who posed for one of the finest images of strength the nation ever had goes to her grave in the final hours of 2010.   A year that is making us pay, right up to its bitter end. (please see my earlier post on 2010)

RIP Rosie.  Baby, you were the greatest.

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