Republicans Use Disaster Relief As Political Bargaining Chip

   Good but scant coverage of the storm damage in Vermont and New Jersey on CBS tonight.  However, considering the range of destruction they really should have done more than two reports.  They should also be telling people that FEMA, the federal agency answering the call for help all up and down the East Coast, is running out of money — and that House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor, taking a page from the Republican’s “Let them eat cake” playbook,  is insisting that any new money for disaster relief must be offset by spending cuts elsewhere.

It appears the Republicans are willing to oversee a repeat performance of the negligence exhibited by the administration of George W. Bush during the Hurricane Katrina disaster — and are willing to get there by using Americans in need of disaster relief as a political bargaining chip in an effort to force program cuts and further devastate the American middle class.   God forbid they should consider raising taxes on their wealthy clientele.  These people are despicable.  What they are doing is definitely A-section news.  Particularly here in Los Angeles.

Imagine a monster earthquake hitting Southern California, and nobody answers the call because the State is broke, the City’s running out of money and funding for FEMA is being blocked by the Republicans.  Too bad there isn’t some way to cancel police and fire protection to anyone earning more than $250,000 a year.  That might change a few minds about the evils of Socialism and our inherent need as civilized human beings to help one another in a crisis.  Well, some of us are civilized human beings.  Others, resemble snapping jackals, all competing for the same piece of raw meat.  Their push to privatize America and “pay your own way as you go or die” philosophy also threatens to cut funding to a federal highway bill, which, according to the President, could eventually eliminate a million jobs.

Just how well the far-right philosophy is working to keep us all healthy is pointed out by “, which reports that “Babies in the United States have a higher risk of dying during their first month of life than do babies born in 40 other countries..”  Still think”we’re number one?”  Are you out of your mind?  Some on the far-right must be.  How else can they possibly reconcile the fact that babies are dying due to their wrong-headed economic policies on the one hand, while they promote their alleged pro-life agenda, on the other.  It’s sheer madness.

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