Republicans Throwing The Election?

 The Tea Party/Republicans have just released their “Pledge to America.”    It includes a repeal of healthcare reform plus-

“On spending, Republicans say they want to roll the government back to 2008 levels, although they would leave intact three politically untouchable constituencies: veterans, seniors and the military. They say they’d freeze stimulus projects and impose hard limits on future spending, although they did not propose a ban on earmarks — the now-infamous practice of individual lawmakers steering projects to their districts.” -AP

Back to 2008 levels without cutting veterans and seniors and the military while they continue sending “pork” back to their home districts?  How the hell are they gonna do that?  Oh wait, they aren’t telling us that, are they?   Just as they have no reasonable answer as to how they would fix healthcare.  Think their “Pledge” might be……oh I dunno………BS?

This is going to make them look so bad, that there can be only two possible explanations.  1) – They have gone completely nuts.  2) – They are conspiring to intentionally throw the election, knowing things are in such a state of disarray following the Bush Administration, that they don’t really want to get anywhere near a position where they would be expected to take meaningful corrective action.   Much easier to sit back letting Limbaugh, Palin, Bachmann and O’Donnell rave mindlessly on while continuing to say “no” to every single proposal that might actually help the American people and in the end blaming Mr. Obama and the Democrats for their inability to act.

I am beginning to think #2 is highly likely.  The Republicans in fact, are looking more and more like the party of #2.  Think about it.  Where does the Republican Party end and the Tea Party begin?

The Democrats, many of whom have also been bribed to the max by corporate interests are only marginally better, but in this oligarchy vs. what’s left of democracy country they are better, nonetheless.

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