Republicans Had Better Be Careful

   A great piece in Thursday’s Los Angeles Times by my former colleague Mark Z. Barabak.  The past election, he points out, had very little or nothing to do with a burst of approval for the Republican Party.   The Republican’s, Mark Z. reports, had better watch their step with thier “party of no” stuff, or it could backfire.

“The midterm vote was “an expression of anger and impatience,” said James Thurber, an American University congressional expert. It was not, he said, a sudden burst of affection for the GOP.

In fact, exit polls showed Republicans and Democrats were almost equally disliked, with 53% of voters viewing Republicans unfavorably and 52% unhappy with Democrats.”-Los Angeles Times

“Americans” Barabak reports, are “more interested in jobs than ideological battles.”

Beltway insiders, would be well advised to come out of their dogmatic coma and read a newspaper now and then.

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