Republican Primaries No Match For Maggie Thatcher

  Not sure anything could be more boring than the current Republican primary/caucus scene.  I do wish they’d stop talking about “Santorum Surging” in Iowa.   Sounds like a treatment for erectile dysfunction that went terribly wrong out in a cornfield.  Anyway, Iowa, is meaningless, no matter what the folks at MSNBC might say.  I’m not unsympathetic.  They do have all that airtime to fill, and they have to talk about something.

Thing is, the Republican field currently appears to have only two candidates that can pose an actual threat to the President.  One, Jon Huntsman, is too middle-of-the-road and therefore far too reasonable to appeal the the right-wing Republican extremists representing the tail that continues wagging the dog.   Although the tail appears to have lost some of its vigor.  The other, Willard “Mitt” Romney, has been endorsed by Daddy Bush, because big Daddy knows that Romney is the party’s best shot.  Even though he kinda, sorta believes in evolution.   And a fair slice of the party irregulars aren’t sure about the whole Mormon thing.  Not sure if he buys into Christianity in the same way they do.  Which, of course, is a huge concern.  They aren’t sure he’s “one of us.”  Can’t have “one of them” in the White House.  Oh my.

More interesting right now is the stir being created in England by the upcoming release of “The Iron Lady,” with Meryl Streep playing former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.   According to Reuters, Thathcher’s free-trade, union busting ways still stir controversy among the Brits.  Taking a page from the Gordon Gekko “greed is good” playbook, her supporters credit her with turning around the British economy with deregulation and privatization.  Sound just a little familiar?  Remember “Reaganomics” and how it eventually dovetailed into something even bigger and badder with the rise of Dubya Bush and his NeoCons?  Thatcher’s detractors cite those same factors for leaving England in its current economic squeeze.  Some are calling upon the government to privatize her funeral.

Also of interest, particularly to those of us in the media, is word that Keith Olbermann, is once again (apparently) at odds with his employer.    According to The Wrap, “The newsman has tapped high-powered lawyer Patricia Glaser to “determine his rights” in his five-year contract, an individual close to him told The Wrap.  Meanwhile, executives at Current TV said that relations – especially those with Current CEO Joel Hyatt – were at a breaking point after deteriorating over the past several months.”  

Thatcher and Olbermann may be the ultimate odd couple, but they’re far more interesting than the continuing Republican circus without the historically confused Michele Bachmann, who was almost always good for a laugh.   Such is the state of our contemporary political madness which makes President Obama look absolutely sane with his end-run around the Republican “party of no” machine, leaving the terminally tanned John Bohener and his whiny nay-sayers bloodied following the recess appointment of Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, while, at the same time, the President pulls troops out of Europe and the Middle East to help balance the budget.   Has Mr. Obama finally decided to take off the gloves?

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