Republican Dementia?


A hearty congratulations to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, for beating back the Tea Party and winning his primary race in the great state of Kentucky.  While watching Mr. McConnell, it appears he might be slowing down just a tad, that he’s not quite so quick on the uptake as he used to be.   Not bad for someone who is 72, though.  Makes you wonder if he’s been in for a brain scan recently.  According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the symptoms of dementia are-

-Inability to reason

-Inappropriate behavior




I’m not a doctor and I’m not saying McConnell is exhibiting any of these symptoms.  Or is he?  There are those who might say he is sometimes agitated and appears to exhibit an inability to reason.  He is remember, all of 72.  Of course, he has nothing on 80 year old Chuck Grassley of Iowa or Orin Hatch of Utah or Richard Shelby of Alabama, who are also 80.  Some of these guys stick around for a long time, don’t they?

The beginning stages of dementia would explain a great deal with regard to angry aging right-wingers who are as stubborn in their refusal to compromise as they are in their inability to retire from the Senate even while their confusion about what’s best for the country continues to grow.   They may be hallucinating?  Is that even possible?  Remember the terrible threat from non-existent WMD’s?  Remember when Ronnie Reagan had to ask “Mommie” what the men were saying?

Next to most of these oldsters Mrs. Clinton, looks like a spritely college freshman.

Then again, Mr. McConnell, is probably just fine?  That doesn’t mean his mental condition and the possible conditions of his aging Republican colleagues in the Senate shouldn’t be an issue, right?   Isn’t that the point Karl Rove was making just the other day?

Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if you knew for sure?

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