Remembering Larry Odom

Was saddened to hear about the death of long-time KNBC photographer, Larry Odom.   Described as a “gentle giant,” one of his former colleagues writes, “I never felt safer than when Larry had my back.”  I don’t have a lot of background on Larry, but I do know he played football as a defensive back at USC and served in Vietnam before getting into tv news, apparently as an apprentice photog at KABC before moving on to KTLA and then eventually finding a home at KNBC.

Here’s a photo of Larry, and a few others you may recognize if you’ve been around the Los Angeles news scene for more than a little while.   Our good friend, Larry Greene, on the far left, died in a helicopter crash in the Persian Gulf in 2002 after 24 years with KCBS.   The time-worn nature of the picture only adds to its character.  A slice in time of our extended family in the field. Thanks to Dave Seger at KNBC for the photo.

Larry Greene    Tony Borello        Larry Odom          Diana Upton         Laurel (last name?)

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  1. I remember working with Larry at Knbc. He had a small shrine to Malcom
    X set up in the back of his news van. He was one of a kind!
    -Greg Weissman

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