Pope Threatened? Now There’s A Shock…

   It’s being reported that 5 street cleaners, age 26 – 50,  have been arrested in England in connection with a threat to Pope Benedict XVI.   What a shock.

As recently as March of this year, the New York Times ran a story about “His Holiness,” refusing to defrock a priest charged with molesting as many as 200 deaf boys here in the U.S.  The Pope had been warned by several U.S. bishops that he had better do something or the Church might be left with egg on its holier-than-thou face.  Gee.  Do ya think?

The Boston Globe reports that Since 1990, 11 Catholic bishops outside the United States have resigned after allegations of sexual misconduct, on their own part or of those they supervised, became public.

By some estimates, this is a church with more than a billion members.  And how many of those members are kids who were innocently offered up like lambs to the slaughter?  Trying to pretend it didn’t happen, or that it’s being adequately addressed won’t make it any better.  It’s nothing short of criminal negligence on a broad scale.

From Wikipedia:  “Of all the world’s religions, however, the Catholic Church has been hardest hit by scandals involving adults having sex with children. In the United States, churches have paid more than $2bn (£1.25bn) in compensation to victims. In Ireland, reports into clerical sexual abuse have rocked both the Catholic hierarchy and the state. A nine-year government study, the Ryan Report, published in May 2009, revealed that beatings and humiliation by nuns and priests were common at institutions that held up to 30,000 children. The investigation found that Catholic priests and nuns for decades “terrorised thousands of boys and girls, while government inspectors failed to stop the abuse.”[5]”   -Wikipedia

It is both fascinating and sad that so many continue to follow the “teachings” of the Roman Church, permitting their children to be “shepherded” by Roman Catholic priests.   Then again, a church that survived the Vatican orgies of Pope Alexander VI (Roderigo Borgia), will probably survive this as well.

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