Political Leaders Acting In The Nation’s Worst Interest

First Senator John McCain is booed by his very own constituents for calling the President a “decent man.”   Which speaks volumes about his constituents.  A real classy bunch of people.  Now McCain is saying Mr. Obama, is “cowardly” for waiting for the facts to come in on the Malaysian plane that was shot down over the Ukraine.

So Mr. McCain wants the president to act before all the facts are in?   That’s real bright.   Is he looking out for the country, or just playing to his base?

Apart from walking a fine line between supporting the nation on one side and betraying it on the other, John McCain, Dick Cheney and a few others of a similar ilk, are an embarrassment.  In McCain’s case, he is an embarrassment to the people who elected him in the great State of Arizona and to the United States as well.   The naive ravings of Michele Bachmann,  make me ashamed of admitting to having been brought up in her home district in Minnesota.  John Boehner’s most recent ramblings about a possible and thoroughly ridiculous lawsuit against the President, would be laughable if it weren’t so obviously a terrible waste of the taxpayer’s time and money.

This kind of insane behavior on the parts of elected officials seeking to appeal to the extremist wing of their base is outrageous.  It must be stopped for the very simple reason that it is bad for the country.   The sad and frightening part is that even if these wingnuts disappear, they will likely be replaced by others who are of a no less intemperate and thoughtless nature.

Could it be that the fault lies not in our leaders, but in those who elect them?  An American public that has been misinformed, disinformed, misled and dumbed down by an irresponsible media to the point that our Constitutional Republic may be broken beyond repair?

What good is a system that replaces one inadequate and self-aggrandizing politician with another because the electorate is too stupid to  see the need for progressive change?   By which, I mean something that moves us forward as a people, rather than backward.  If that’s where we are, and we may very well be, as many in the old “solid south” apparently want to roll our culture back to the late 19th Century, then what hope do we have?

Are there enough of us who will dig in our heels and say “Absolutely not?  We will not let you turn back the clock on America?”

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