Poem: “The Dinner” (a salute to the white house correspondents dinner)


The Dinner
by Ron Olsen

The watchers
And the watched
Nose to nose
Too close for those
Of opposing prose
An unholy alliance
Comfortable unease
In a room filled with
Corporate cheese
For those who should question
Not accept
Under the table a lobbyist crept
Doing something down there
I leave it to you
To decide what it was
To the many and the few
But doing it well
As smiles abound
Notebooks down
For the business of politics
Playing the clown
As the rubber chicken goes round and round

The poor forgotten
They’re having a ball
Yukking it up in the big banquet hall

The truth goes begging
Out in the street
While the corporate media
Meet to eat

I envy their status
Their paychecks, too
If I were there
I wouldn’t bother
With you


©2015 Ron Olsen – all rights reserved

One thought on “Poem: “The Dinner” (a salute to the white house correspondents dinner)”

  1. Nice work, Ron.
    After 10 years in Washington — and many White House Correspondents’ Dinners — I can tell you this for sure: Politicians AND Reporters are all Ga-Ga for La-La.

    The lure of Hollywood stars brings out all the players in DC — who all wish they functioned in LA, instead of DC. Jay Leno said it best — “Politics is Show Business for ugly people.”

    “Hey! I’m over here! Put me on camera next to Mr. Bling!”

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