Pentagon Burning Books?

 photo: Tech. Sgt. Angela Stafford, U.S. Air Force. (released)  CNN is reporting that the Pentagon is in the book burning business.  Apparently, the Department of Defense has destroyed the entire first run, some 10,000 copies, of “Operation Dark Heart” by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer.  The memoir, about going undercover in Afghanistan, apparently alleges that hijacker Mohammed Atta was identified as a threat to the United States as early as 2000.   This may not come as much of a shock to those who have followed events leading up to the attacks of 9-11, as it has been widely reported that the incoming administration of George W. Bush, was briefed at some length about the threat posed by al Qaeda, well in advance of the attacks.

The Defense Intelligence Agency charged that the book as initially written, posed a threat to national security.  Lt. Col. Shaffer, says not so.  He says the book was first cleared by the Army and only later pulled by the DIA.  Makes you wonder if the DIA might not be suffering from a bad case of WikiLeaks PTSD, doesn’t it?

But burning books?

This is the United States.  We don’t burn books here.  That’s something fascists do, not us.

After about a week of having everybody jumping through hoops, even that bible thumper down in Florida, figured it out and decided Christianity, Sarah Palin and the Boy Scouts of America would probably all be okay, even if nobody burned a copy ot the Quran.

The NY Times ran a story on the 9th about the Pentagon “Buying Books to Keep Secrets.”

The Times reported-

“Disputes between the government and former intelligence officials over whether their books reveal too much have become commonplace. But veterans of the publishing industry and intelligence agencies could not recall another case in which an agency sought to dispose of a book that had already been printed.

Army reviewers suggested various changes and redactions and signed off on the edited book in January, saying they had “no objection on legal or operational security grounds,” and the publisher, St. Martin’s Press, planned for an Aug. 31 release.”

And that led to the great Pentagon book burning of 2010.  The publisher went to press with a second printing, with portions of the book redacted to keep the DIA happy.

As of 3:27PM  Sunday (west coast), “Operation Dark Heart” was #2 on the bestsellers list.  Lt.Col. Shaffer was on CNN, thanking the Pentagon for all the publicity.

Fox News is also reporting on the book burning.  Shaffer, has apparently served as a contributor to Fox.

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  1. helloooo are we living in a fascist country or what?? book burning? the book must have contained too much truth. this is serious for sure. The facts about the entire al Qiada network were made available to madeline albright during bill clintons presidency, she was given the names and passports numbers of the bin laden group who at that time were in the sudan. Ms. Albright decided that this information must not be accurate because of the ease at which it came to her, and she decided to disregard the information.

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