Pentagon Assumes We’re All Idiots

 Here’s the latest headline from the Los Angeles Times, on that mystery missile that appears to have blasted off into the sky from a point somewhere near Catalina Island.

“Pentagon says no evidence vapor trail came from anything but an aircraft.” -LA Times

Oh fine.  And we’re supposed to just keep sucking our thumbs and accept that?

But just for kicks, let’s assume it was a plane.  If so, it was no regular aircraft.   The missile, or experimental aircraft, or whatever it was, appears to be visible as a point of light at the top of the contrail, moving forward at a very, very high rate of speed.

An optical illusion?  I don’t think so.  It used to be easier for the military to deny this stuff back in the days when there were no professional photographers shooting digital video from helicopters.

I think there are at least four plausible explanations.  (But I’m no expert and Hal Fishman’s dead)

1 – The military is clueless as to what this thing was (or who launched it) and they don’t want to admit it.

2 – It was a U.S. military launch, possibly from somewhere between Catalina and Camp Pendleton, and they don’t want to talk about it.

3 – An amateur rocketeer with deep pockets is sitting at a remote launch location somewhere along the California coastline, laughing his ass off.

4 – The Mexican cartels have acquired ICBM’s.


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