PC’s Obsolete?

 Remember what they were telling us just a few years ago?  That in the not too distant future all our computerized gizmo’s would be  linked into one high speed digital feed?  One all purpose hi-tech pipeline coming into our living rooms?  Well, it appears the future is here.  Or almost, at least.

Just watched an ad for a new Samsung tv set.  A television with “web connected apps.”  In addition to all the regular programming now offered via cable and satellite, you can view Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and dozens of other Internet “apps” on a Samsung flat panel simply by punching a few buttons on a remote control.

This could be huge.  They appear to be getting very close to giving us everything we want via one flat panel tv.  Or maybe I’m way behind and this is all old news?   Happens sometimes.   Even if that’s the case, I’ve got a feeling this is going to be significant.  The next big step.  And in 3D.

You Tube, citizen journalists, pay-per-view movies, hulu, commercial tv and the cable channels, all of it, right there on that one big tv screen.  And you on the sofa with a wireless keypad.  Welcome to our brave new world.

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