Parker/Spitzer Splitting Up

It’s been announced that Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker are no more on CNN.   The AP reports that while Parker is leaving,  Spitzer will remain with a new show called “In the Arena.”   Probably much the same as before but without Kathleen Parker?

It’s a good move, as the two were mismatched from the beginning, with poor Ms. Parker leaning to her left (I mean physically, not ideologically) to get as far away as possible from Mr. Spitzer as she could.   Spitzer, meanwhile, dominated the conversation without breaking a sweat.

You put a pit bull in a pen with a poodle and this is what happens.   Parker is attractive and smart but putting her in this mix was a huge mistake.

(For anyone who might feel an urge to label me as “sexist,” please keep in mind that standard poodles were originally bred as hunting dogs.)

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