Pardon Our Mess

We’re probably far better off now that the golden helmet has decided to cancel his meeting with Kim.   Why risk putting two such unstable personalities together?   Better to wait for the country to elect a real president.  Whomever comes along in the big, fat wake of DJT, will also have to handle the mess he’s made of the deal with Iran and the destruction of decades of work on a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians, so he or she might as well start from the ground floor with Kim as well, not to mention trying to convince Mexicans, and anyone who isn’t white for that matter, that the United States really is not a bastion of white racist revival.   That we really aren’t coming apart at the seams, with our chief executive attempting to destroy the rule of law that has been the foundation for American greatness.

And yet, so many appear to be turning their backs on reality.

A survey found that 85% of all Republicans support this man, whose name I prefer not to use.  How is that even remotely possible?  Of course, that would amount to 85% of about only 26% of all registered voters according to Gallup, so maybe it’s true.    On the other side, only 29% of those registered, identified themselves as Democrats.  Perhaps we could just erect a giant sign in D.C. reading, “Pardon Our Mess.”

Our current position is what happens when too many good people stop paying attention, turning their backs on politics and refusing to go to the polls.   There is a cost to our freedom which demands that we pay attention to what’s going on and then actively participate in the democratic process.  This doesn’t mean that everybody has to run for office, although the thousands of new candidates running in the midterms is refreshing.  It does mean we all must take just a little bit of time to go to the polls and vote.    Reading some legitimate news in a major newspaper or watching a legitimate tv newscast,  along the lines of NBC, CBS or PBS, would also, at this point,  be nothing short of an act of patriotism.

Reading nothing and watching nothing but right-wing partisan tv and then forming opinions based upon uninformed conversations with others who already agree with you could lead to the end of us all.   The eventual leeching-off of our freedoms, until one day any semblance of self-determination is gone.   Who was it that said plucking a chicken one feather at a time is far less painful than pulling out feathers by the handful?

It’s a technique that’s historically effective, provided much of the populace remains uninformed, misinformed or disinformed.    When real news organizations are called out for being “fake” by those who buy their loyalty with lies and bribes to politicians without fealty to the nation, the Constitution or the people who put them in office.  With powerbrokers like Vladimir Putin and his Russian operatives, doing all they can to pull the strings on public opinion, finding cyber-warfare far less costly and bearing much less risk than looking an enemy in the eye and pulling the trigger – or even threatening to do so.



Note:  Since this was posted, the Administration has announced that the meeting with Kim is back on.  For the time being at least.  With DJT,  one can never be sure.

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  1. Ron, well put. I applaud your ability to say it and your tenacity for staying with it. It’s a welcome thought to know that we can still contribute to the debate. Andy

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