Palin Visit Nearly Slaughters Turkey Grower’s Biz

Remember that incident last Thanksgiving, when then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin arrived to pardon a turkey and then hold a news conference at a turkey farm in Palmer, Alaska?  Remember the shots of Palin on camera while a worker was slaughtering turkeys in the background?

It was a major faux pas on several fronts.   One, of course, is that no politician really wants to be associated with slaughtering anything.  Not even mavericky Sarah Palin wants to go that rogue.  Another, is that Palin was there to “pardon” a turkey and not to watch it die.    It turns out there was a third problem as well, as the turkey farmer Palin was visiting says the incident nearly wrecked his business.   Politico reports the Palin visit “just about killed” Anthony Schmidt’s  Triple D Farm and Hatchery, which raises free roaming, antibiotic and hormone-free turkeys.

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