Michael Moore, Glenn Beck And America’s Class Divide


It had never occurred to me, but now it’s clear.    It came from two disparate sources, Michael Moore and Genn Beck,  at exactly the right time.    A time in which I and millions of others (I suspect) are at the end of our patience with listening to an endless stream of electioneering lies and blather to the point that it is becoming nearly meaningless.

First it was Michael Moore, talking about millions of Americans, many in the rust belt, who feel betrayed by the system, and who will be voting for Donald Trump because they believe he will blow up the process that has shown them nothing but neglect.   These people are desperate and they don’t care what the New York Times reports about Trump’s taxes.   Desperation will do that to you.

These folks are not among the grass-fed beef eating and educated “elites” who will be voting for Clinton.   These people are our neighbors who need to go fishing and hunting to put protein on their tables because they can no longer afford the price of groceries.   They are living from paycheck to paycheck or with no paycheck at all and they feel overlooked and neglected, cut off from an elitist process that favors the wealthy.   So they will vote for Trump, because he promises to blow up the process.  Because with America’s new class system the process is leaving them behind, opening the door for an extremist  (possibly someone with unacceptable ties to Russia who refuses to release his tax records) to get elected as our next American President.   Even that will be better than what they now do not have.   Or so they think.

That was Michael Moore’s thesis, except for the part about a disenfrancihsed electorate opening the door for tyranny to sieze the White House.   That part came from Glenn Beck, who, almost totally (as hell froze over), agreed with Michael Moore.   All of it struck me this morning, as I had just finished reading an excellent piece in The Guardian entitled “Hidden Faultline”   How Trump v. Clinton is laying bare America’s class divide.”    

David Smith’s story, profiling some of my fellow Marylanders,  paints the picture  for those of us who still don’t get it regarding the divide between educated organic food eaters who are logically (they think) voting for Clinton, and all those others who think that almost anything, including Donald Trump, will be better than a continuation of the broken government we already have.

This dear friends, as Glenn Beck has pointed out, is how tyrants come to power.    Which could very well happen, unless we all pull together to demand a more representative government, one that can be trusted to look out for the best interests of all Americans, and not just a priviledged class.    On this point, I fear, Mrs. Clinton is dropping the ball.  Reforming the broken, bought off and generally bribed to death federal government she has been a part of for so long  is the  elephant in the room.   We need to recognize that it’s there before it steps on us all.    Sending Bernie Sanders out to plead with politicially exhausted Americans to vote for Hillary because Trump is unacceptable may not be enough.   One gets the feeling that Bernie’s real conviction is that Hillary is still too much of an insider.    Too much of a Wall Street moderate Republican in Democrat’s clothing to deserve a full-throated Sander’s endorsement.   Just more of the same old, same old politics as usual, and Bernie’s supporters know it.   It’s why they aren’t tripping over one another to throw their support to Mrs. Clinton.

We should not be heading into an election with (by some estimates) 40% of the electorate prepared to rise up in anger if their guy loses because they have lost all faith in the American political process.  If their side loses, they will be sure it was because the fix was in with the result assuring that they will remain locked in a lower class.  Doomed to pay their fair share of taxes while the uber-wealthy,  like Mrs. Clinton’s Wall Street buddies, dodge their tax responsibilities with tax code hustles, corrupt banking practices and offshore accounts.

This cannot be sustained at a time when Vladimir Putin is positioning himself to take advantage of our division by hacking out our electronic guts.

Our politics have let us down.   We appear to be on the brink of something very, very bad.   On the other side of the equation is the thought that if Glenn Beck and Michael Moore can be in agreement on anything then perhaps, just perhaps, we might get through this madness in one piece.   If only someone can show enough leadership to heal our class divide.    Clearly, Donald Trump, with his border wall, racial fearmongoring and derogatory comments about women and the disabled, is not that person.


Why All The Giant Eyelashes On TV?


I may catch hell for this, but what’s up with so many women journalists on television wearing false eyelashes?   And not just small false eyelashes, eyelashes so long that they impact the local weather and threaten to knock small birds from the air when a correspondent blinks.

It’s bad enough that women are expected to look like beauty queens, spending untold hours on hair and makeup, but now, for some reason – maybe they’re being ordered to do it – they are wearing these goofy eyelashes.

Appearance on television is important, but come on folks, give the women a break.   Let them get rid of the giant eyelashes.  Give them a little more  time to focus on their journalism and  less time on hair and makeup, a luxury the men already enjoy.

The Solution To Surrogates – Don’t Put Them On The Air


Prior to this current election cycle, the word “surrogate” was never applied to a paid professional political spokesperson.   It was normally used in relation to “surrogate mothers,” and not some paid hack sent out by the Trump campaign to use the outrageous and far less than civil technique of talking so loud and so non-stop that your opponent is forced to just sit there saying nothing.   In other words, beat your opponent over the head with non-stop noisey blather until he or she gives up.   They all do this, so they have obviously been trained in the technique, turning talk shows into a waste of time.

There is nothing collegial about this technique.   It has nothing do with an exchange of valid information in a search for the truth.  It is simply one more way to hide the truth behind a heavy veil of nonsense.  In our current tv-rich political environment, it is a despot’s best friend.   And  Donald Trump’s people, his various beauty queen  “surrogates,” are using it often and well, which is bad for anyone who is trying to figure out what’s really going on.

Imagine what David Brinkely or Sam Donaldson would have done when confronted by a “surrogate” defending birtherism or greed being good or the need for global warming or Mexican’s as rapists or closing the borders to all Muslims or Hillary’s emails after the issue had been settled by a lengthy congressional hearing and an FBI investigation.    Brinkely or Donaldson, would undoubtedly be incensed at being played for fools.  They wouldn’t put up with it.  I can imagine Mr. Brinkely saying, “You must think we’re all idiots if you expect us to sit here listening to this nonsense.”   God only knows what Sam might say.   But he wouldn’t just sit there accepting surrogate blather.   There might be a fistfight.

Sam is  retired and David is dead.  In their absence surrogates should not be allowed on any responsible political program on television.    They have nothing new to add, no interesting analysis, just the same old disingenuous rubbish the Trump campaign has been parroting all along.   The tv shows need to get back to the standard of bringing on people who have something thoughtful to contribute to the discussion.  People like journalists, scholars, and writers.    Naturally, legitimate spokespeople from the political camps will need to be heard, but the various show’s producers know who is likely to take part  in a serious discussion and those who are being paid to simply repeat nonsense that’s already been heard.    Somebody with some actual political credentials.  If they want to spout propaganda, then let them hold a news conference and face the questioning of journalists.   If the news conference is a total waste of time, as was Mr. Trump’s recent appearance outside his new hotel in DC, then the press will report it as such.

This works.   We did it for years.

The 7/24 newschannels might lose some viewers, so this bold idea of not letting people who have nothing to say on their air  would be more of a public service than a ratings booster, but hey, can’t they take this giant step because it is in the nation’s best interest to stop giving a national platform to liars who are knowingly telling lies because that’s what they are paid to do?

The simple solution to surrogates is to not put them on the air.   Most people get their news and information from television.   Banning surrogates will improve the value of our national discussion immeasurably.    It’s the right thing to do, so it probably won’t get done.   The Trump camp would scream bias.   They would shout out that their free speech rights were being violated.     Unless the  newschannel producers and other execs didn’t tell anybody what they were up to and instead had a silent understanding that surrogate hacks with no interest in taking part in a serious discussion of the issues  would  no longer be used on their talk shows.   That might work?  Too much to hope for?

Go ahead, try it.   Stop putting these surrogate hacks on your air.  It’s the patriotic thing to  do.

Police Union Endorses Gospel Of Bigotry, Fear And Hate


It is disheartening to see that The Fraternal Order of Police, the nation’s largest police union, has endorsed Donald Trump.

Sometimes union leaders make very bad decisions.   This is one of those  times.   With a candidate as controversial and inflammatory as Trump, someone who has been labeled as being downright “dangerous,” by several of the world’s great newspapers, the blanket endorsement makes the union’s members appear uninformed and biased in favor of a candidate who preaches bigotry and comes across more like a a third-world strongman than a leader who exhibits thoughtful judgement through well-reasoned policies.   It also relects badly on unions in general.

How can the FOP possibly endorse a candidate  who suggests that the way to  deal with someone who disagrees with you is to “punch him in the face?”   A man who says that in the old days, protesters would have been “carried out on stretchers?”  A candidate who wonders outloud what might happen to Hillary Clinton, if her security guards had no guns, or suggests that the “Second Amendment people” might be able to do something about Mrs. Clinton, should she be elected?

Note to the FOP leadership:  Your endorsement indicates approval of all that Mr. Trump has said in the past, including what appears to be the suggestion of a possible assassination attempt on a future President of the United States.

Second note to the FOP leadership:   Your officers already have an image problem with regard to their relationship with America’s minority communities.   Do you really think that supporting a candidate who has almost no support among African-Americans and who wants to  build a wall between the US and Mexico will help street cops win the hearts and minds of the communities they police?   Shouldn’t you be more interested in mending fences than in further dividing your officers from the communities they serve?  Or would you prefer turning our inner-cities into even bigger war zones, putting even more police and civilians at risk in a country that leads the world in the number of people under incarceration.

The  following is an exerpt from a lengthy and insightful article entitled “Donald Trump Is The World’s Most Dangerous Man” in the widely-read German newsmagazine “Der Spiegel.”   The FOP leadership needs to read it .   And then, after becoming better educated, they need to rescind their endorsement of Mr. Trump, post haste.   You can read the entire piece by clicking on the hotlink at the end of the quote.

“If the most powerful office in the world wasn’t at stake, all this wouldn’t be nearly as dangerous. Germany has been too busy dealing with the supposed threat posed by refugees in recent months to appreciate what’s really been going on across the Atlantic. Despite their differences, the US and Germany share an unshakeable faith in democracy and freedom. But nothing would be more harmful to the idea of the West and world peace than if Donald Trump were to be elected president. Compared to that, the America of George W. Bush would seem like a land of logic and reason in retrospect.”Der Spiegel


(trump photo courtesy michael vadon/wiki commons)

We Need A Wall Alright – But Not On The Border


I know I said I was getting off the bus until November, but hey,   I’m gonna hop back on for just a minute or  two.   Have to, or my head might explode.  And it’s Trump’s fault, with his latest nonsensical attack on Hillary Clinton.

It’s bad enough that she’s worked herself into a state of falling prey to pneumonia, but now Donald’s people are firing up the Republican Party’s favorite old campgian trail technique (other than telling outright lies), and charging Mrs. Clinton with doing what Donald’s been doing all along.  Preacing the politics of hate.  In other words, he’s accusing his opposition of doing what he originally did.  It’s verbal misdirection.  Politicial trolls used it successfully in both Bush campaigns and now they’re using it again.

It is a bit confusing, so here’s an example.  You go  out and say something totally outrageous and hateful,  like implying that all Latinos or Blacks are poor and living in the inner-cities or refusing to denounce a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan.   Or making the claim that the first black President of the United States, wasn’t born on U.S. soil.  You then charge your opponent with spreading the politics of hate.   Actually, you were the one who was spreading hate but by saying your opponent did it (misdirecting it), you are forcing her to defend against something she did not do.  In the process the truth becomes lost in all the smoke, at least partially taking the onus of racial hatred away from your campaign.   Republicans love it, they’ve been using it for years.   Apart from outright lies, like implying John Kerry was self-serving for being awarded three purple hearts in Vietnam.    Stuff like that.   Stuff that is so outrageous as to be nearly insane.   Statements that leave pundits and reporters alike sitting there wide-eyed and slack-jawed, mouths hanging open, unable to respond from lies so big and bold and nonsensical that no adult would believe they are coming from the mouth of someone chosen by his party to run for the presidency.

Some people willingly buy into lies.  For others, just making an implication is all it takes.  They heard their guy say it at a rally or on tv, so for them it becomes the truth.    Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump is running a “hate-filled” campaign.   Not really.   That’s what Donald said, but it’s actually the other way around.   Now that you know how the technique of verbal misdirection works, you can get past it and seek out the truth.  Unless you don’t really care.   Unless you are one of Trump’s followers who will buy into anything the man says.   But why?

In The Washington Post, Dana Milbank writes, “In June, the Pew Research Center found that 79 percent of Clinton voters believe the treatment of racial and ethnic minorities is an important issue, while only 42 percent of Trump supporters feel that way. As I wrote previously, earlier Pew research found that Trump supporters were significantly less likely than other Americans (and supporters of other Republican presidential candidates) to think that racial and ethnic diversity improves the United States. ” 

Racism by any other name is racism.   While Milbank argues that half of Trump’s supporters have proven their bona fides as being racist, there are those who are not racist but are supporting Donald Trump simply because they can’t stand Hillary Clinton, who, many of them say,  represents “more of the same.”

With  sixty-percent of Americans having a hard time paying their rent each month and fifty-three percent worried they might not be able to pay their mortgage, “more of the same” is not good  enough, creating a huge desperation factor that’s playing to Donald Trump’s favor.

History teaches that desperate people will turn to a strongman who promotes himself as prophet and savior while using those who are too weak or too poor to fight back as a scapegoat.

In a brilliant piece in The Guardian, Bill Moyers reports that the gap between rich and poor Americans is the widest it’s ever been, as “the top 10% now hold more than three-quarters of the country’s total family wealth.”

Hillary Clinton, needs to hit the wealth gap issue hard and to keep hitting it once she is rested and ready to go.   She has to convince Trump supporters that she’s actually going to do something about it.  She also has to keep hammering away on Trump’s failure to produce substantial medical and tax records.

Forget Hillary’s pneumonia.   With some rest and antibiotics she’ll get over it.   As for her medical history, she’s been around long enough to have provided a pretty clear picture of any condition she might have as well as having her doctor produce a substantial breakdown on her health.   Mr. Trump, on the other hand, has left American voters in the dark, issuing reality talk show generalities about his health but no real numbers.    Donald needs to report into the Mayo Clinic for a complete physical with the understanding that the Clinic will release the results to the press.

Those three issues, the great American wealth gap and Donald’s health and tax records might swing the election for Mrs. Clinton, provided the electorate and the media can get past all the lies and verbal misdirection, building a big, beautiful, BS-proof wall that Mexico won’t have to pay for.

Getting Off The Bus Until November


Siezed by a kind of political madness heretofore unforseen,  our  country cries out for someone to make some sense of the insanity.  But the great Hunter Thompson is dead,  his remains shot from a cannon in Woody Creek.   In his absence, no one was coming close to describing exactly what’s going on, with or without Dr. Thompson’s gift for hyperbole, until comedian Lewis Black nailed it on one of the talk shows the other night.   “It’s like fiction,” he said.    And he’s right.

Like the O.J. Trial, nobody would believe this were it not actually happening,  with one candidate refusing to emerge from her bunker to do a news conference while the already explained, endlessly ivestigated and dismissed with anyone with an IQ above of 75, email controversy continues to rage.

At the same time,  Donald Von Tumpenheimer, who advocates carpet bombing the Middle East and parts of North Africa (although he didn’t get real specific about exactly where he’d drop the thousands of bombs, bowing away untold numbers of innocent non-combatants) and has referred to Mexicans as “rapists” and says he’ll arrest them all and send them back (or maybe not) before putting up a wall between the U.S. and Mexico (or maybe not) and getting the Mexicans to pay for it (ain’t gonna happen), is actually on his way to Mexico, to meet with Mexican President  Enrique Pena Nieto, who, like Trump and Clinton,  is terribly unpopular with his constitutents.

There’s another word that describes what’s happening, it’s “blech,” (with an emphasis on the elongated gutteral “c” as in “blecccch”).   This entire political season has devolved into a steaming, stinking pile of blech.

It’s just plain nuts, and people are buying into it.   It will, however, be fascinating to see what Von Trumpenheimer comes up with and whether Pena Nieto will agree,  so that both men come out of the meeting looking better than before.   Both of them must think they can do just that, or the meeting wouldn’t be taking place.   A meeting between two blechmeisters.  Or maybe it’ll just explode in the Donald’s face,  with great globs of acidic blech flying everywhere, leaving him with nowhere to go.   I doubt it though, as he always manages to come up with something, no matter how amazing and overstated and unbelievable it might be.   Which has worked pretty well for him so far, as there are those who will believe anything he says, even without any tax records or a vaild report on his health or proof that  his  wife and models for  his  modeling agency immigrated legally.   Blech!

As horrible as it  might seem, there are those who have gotten used to it and now fondly look forward to a daily dose of blech.   Some  even  binge  on it.

So, gentle reader, we are left with two candidates, both terribly unpopular,  trying to win the hearts and minds of  a nation badly misinformed by pundits and the latest vile political concoction, the so-called “surrogates,” who fan out over the nation like the hired trolls that they are,  spewing and splattering bias-filled and highly toxic blech, further marking the death of well-informed objectivity on America’s airwaves, satellite and cable.

I’m tired of being slimed by their blech, day after day.  Blech, from the candidates, blech from the pundits, blech from the surrogates, blech from those who repeat the blech that has been repeated a thousand times.  Like Hillary’s email or anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.    Piles of blech.

I suspect any number of others feel the same.    Millions of Americans,  fatigued by the endless stream of blech.   So, I quit.  I am, as Dr. Thompson would have put it, “getting off the bus.”  I’m dropping out and ignoring the whole screaming, steaming, slimy, disgusting mess until November, at which time I will return with a vengence, voting for every Democrat on the ticket.

My people were hard-bitten Eisenhower Republicans, from the  great State of Minnesota.   As a child, “I Like Ike,” was my entree into the world of politics.   But then it started going sour, possibly with Barry Goldwater wanting to nuke North Vietnam, never mind the billions of Chinese just next door.  From there it only got worse, with Ronald Reagan tearing the heart out of American unionism with his “take our deal or your fired” offer to the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization follwed by years of deregulation and offshoring of jobs gutting Middle America to the delight of the free-trader Republican Neocons, who came to control what was left of the party.

Over the years I didn’t leave the Republicans,  the Republicans left me, to the point that they now endanger the continued existence of the Republic.   They’ve already effectively killed American Democracy by buying off our political process and then convincing a misinformed electorate that voting for a party that supports corporate feudalism is in their own best interest.  Hopefully,  if enough people have enough good old Minnesota common sense, this election will be the end of the Republican Party.  Is that really too much to hope for?

Republicans,  have done nothing but kill each and every initiative that might move the country forward.    Anything that promises to create jobs and lift Middle-America up out of the hole it’s in, has been killed by the “Screw you, I’ve got mine” corporatist credo of the Republican Party.   The American union movement that once served as a balance to the corporatists, has been devastated as the deregulation of greed-fed “Reagonomics” moved forward.

Greed must be controlled, or we will cease to have a reasonable civilization.   We will be thrown back into feudalsim, with Democracy nothing but a distant memory.   Just one more failed social initiative.  Something a few idealitsts believed in way back when.   That’s where the Republicans, Trump or no Trump, will take us.   Streets filled with blech.  That’s who Von Trumpenheimer, really is.   He want’s to be in charge.  Totally.   An American version of a third world strongman.  And that is terribly dangerous.

On the other side, a Democrat in the White House, backed by Dems in the House and Senate, will at least move us forward, with an eye toward improving the country for everyone, and not just the wealthy few, even if that Democrat happens to be Hillary Clinton.  I  don’t care for her, but she’s far better than the poor little rich kid from New York, who’s trying to set himself up as “Blechmeister Supreme, Emperor of the North!” – which, dear friends,  is simply too terrible to contemplate.

See you at the polls in November.   Please be there and vote for Hillary Clinton.  She is at least, in touch with reality.   The Republicans have gone bye bye.

Beyond Anything Joe Goebbels Imagined


Remember the words of FDR when he said, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself?”  I wonder how many Americans have forgotten or perhaps never heard Roosevelt’s wise admonition?

We are currently being given a daily dose of fear on our  big screens.   Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, would have loved our current techno-political culture.   Goebbels advised to, “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which government can play.”

Watch more than an hour or so of “news” on television each day and you are sure to be siezed by fear as politicians and advertisers play away for all they’re worth.

Consciously or subconsciously, you will feel the fear.

Fear of Zika, Donald, Hillary, Putin, Iran, China, ISIS and Neo-Nazis.  Fear of losing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the U.S. Postal Service, along with public libraries and public schools.  Fear that we’ll run out of money before we die.  Fear of at least a dozen new diseases you had never heard of that ad-execs have boiled down to acronyms to make it easier for you to “ask your doctor.”  Fear that higher education will no longer be affordable to any but the wealthy few.  Fear that the Constitution will be further stripped of its power.  Fear of climate change, foul water and unbreathable air.   Fear of weed killer that goes in the ground and never goes away and eventually ends up in our bodies.  Fear of frankenfood, a general fear of giant agricultural concerns killing family farms, and not knowing what’s in much of the food we eat.

Fear that we can’t go outside or we’ll be victimized by crime, so we load our guns that we never properly learned to use, and wait for a home-invasion robbery.   Fear of people who look, talk or worship differently than we do and that they might have bigger guns than we have.   Fear that somebody is coming to take away our guns.

Fear of a mostly profit-driven media that’s losing all sense of public responsibility leaving us with nowhere to go to find out what we really should be worried about as opposed to what is mere illusion, foisted upon us so that we are more easily controlled and duped into giving away that which is ours to predatory capitalists who deal only in greed.

Fear that nobody is really in charge anymore.   Real leaders, like FDR, who told us the truth about fear rather than filling us with fear to cover the truth.

We had Bernie Sanders trying to help us find a way out of this new world order, this corporatist maze, but they took him out of the picture early on, refusing to admit that he might have even a narrow chance of defeating the mighty Clinton/Wall Street machine.

Again, the evil genius Joseph Goebbels, comes to mind with his words, If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” 

The truth,  is that we’ve gone beyond the state, beyond anything Goebbels imagined.   The state, has been purchased by a new and different kind of fascism.   Globalized corporate fascists who have purchased government leaders and our media, which cares more for profits than public responsibility while we the people are duped into thinking it’s okay for our new hidden corporate masters to send the military out to defend their global business interests disguised as  threats to our well being.   Or are the threats really there?

When corporate leaders own the political process, who do you believe?  Truth becomes fiction and fiction the truth.   Bill Paley and Walter Cronkite, are both dead and gone.   The old media filter that once served the nation so well is shot full of holes.   Most Americans get their news from tv, while tv becomes increasingly biased, offering more of what people want and not what they need.  It is simply the more profitable way of doing things.

In the eyes of corporations we are nothing but customers.  They have other customers worldwide, but they need Amercan taxpayers to support the military,  police and fire departments, the  judicial system and the stabiity that America provides so that they can continue to build shareholder value for the wealthy few they represent.

You wonder why people are  angry?   It’s because our leaders and media spend nearly all their time scaring the hell out of us to promote their profits and maintain power.   Having the wits scared out of you on a daily basis and feeling there is no one to turn to for the truth, no one we can trust to turn this mess around, is anything but a path to happiness.

Nevertheless, here we sit, dazed and confused, watching the evening news coverage of  two remaining candidates for president, both of whom are unacceptable to a majority of Americans.   A situation that has to be beyond anything Joe Goebbels ever imagined.




Lochte Apologizes! Naked Trump Statues! Kellyanne Steps Up!


Flash!  The big story of the day is about to come to an end.  Brian Lochte, has apologized to Brazil!  Great.  Four young headstrong athletes, out on the town allegedly do some minor damage to a gas station bathroom only to have the near non-event blown up into an international incident by 24-hour newschannels in need of something, anything to report,  making the swimmers look more like serial killers than four athletes who made a mistake as pundits bleat like sheep, “Ugggghhhhly Ameeericans…. Ugggghhhhly Ameeericans….Whhhhaaaaa….they are sooooo Ugggghhhhly.”

Get over it.  All four athletes have apologized.   Somebody made an $11,000 donation to a judo academy in Brazil, which apparently was enough to un-ruffle the Brazilian’s ruffled feathers.   The gas station presumably has a new soap dispenser or toilet paper dispenser or whatever was allegedly damaged and can now charge tourists ten-bucks a head to view the horrible “crime scene.”  Presumably it has been released by the police department’s crack forensic investigators sent out to determine whether anyone had peed on the wall.

It’s done.  Let it go and focus on the next horse not yet dead but ready for kicking, speculation on how long Kellyanne Conway will last now that suspected Putin operative Paul Manafort has been sent packing?   How long was he there?  Weeks?  A month?

My bet is that Kellyanne won’t make it to November.  No way.  She’ll be around until the Trumpster’s next big temper tantrum and that’ll be that.  See ya, Kellyanne, “Your’re Fired!”  Not to worry though.   CNN and MSNBC can always use another former campaign official to help bump up their objective approach to “news” coverage.   Makes me yearn for the days when there was still a line between actual news coverage and commentary.

Can’t wait to see what they’ll do with the naked statues of the Donald with a  tiny male appendage popping up at various locations from New York to Los Angeles.  Can’t wait to see that.   Wonder if they’ll be able to squeeze it in,  while continuing to kick around Hillary’s email server, which should have been dead and gone months ago along with the confluence of unfreezing Iranian money and the release of four American hostages – another smelly, stinking, rotten corpse of a story.   Like Whitewater and Vince Foster.

So much news, so little time.   Gotta find something that’ll drive the ratings now that the Donald has finally managed to grit his teeth, swallow hard and perform his much-anticpated “pivot.”   Another huge story for an intellectually malnourished nation.

Trump Arrives In Louisiana, But Why?


Can we get something straight, beyond all the talkshow blather? The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has appeared on television saying there is no reason for President Obama to pay his flood-ravaged state a visit right now. He would prefer, he said, for Mr. Obama to wait ten days or so, because the President flying in at this time, along with his entourage and traveling press corps, would just get in the way of flood recovery. Beyond that, he says FEMA people are already in the state, providing all the federal assistance they can.

In short, Mr. Obama arriving in Louisiana right now would be more of a hindrance than a help, even while the Republicans continue to cloud reality with their accusations that Obama should leave his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and travel as quickly as possible, to Louisiana, where he could see flooded streets he’s already seen, make a quick comment to the press and then leave.

Then we have Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  They have just arrived in Louisiana, with Trump, fresh off his big “pivot,” admitting he has regrets about some of what he has said,  along with their entourage and traveling press corps. The Governor of Louisiana has said they are welcome, but not for a photo op. They will be welcome, he says, if they are ready to volunteer or to make a significant donation for flood relief.

Got it? Obama, is doing all he can by cooperating with the state’s governor,  while Trump and Pence are doing all they can to get in the way of an already suffering people for the sake of a campaign photo-op – even if he’s there to write a check for recovery relief, which he could have done from anywhere without getting in the way. Unless, of course, the Donald and his kids pland on spending the next week or so wearing waders while filling sandbags and clearing away muddy flood debris.

Rio Continues To Be A Dangerous Place For Olympic Athletes


Olympians being robbed at gunpoint, knifepoint and even snatched off an airliner by the police as they try and get out of the country after being mugged.  What?   Feels like every day someone new has been accosted in Rio.

You may have  read about the two Australian rowing coaches who were robbed at knifepoint near Ipanema Beach.    This is in addition to a member of the British olympic team being robbed at gunpoint while “enjoying a night out on the town.”   The Guardian, reports that British olympians are being advised to stay within the confines of the olympic village, and to wear nothing that identifies them as olympians if they do leave the safety of the olympic compound and to not risk riding in taxis.

The report of the British incident follows earlier reports of two American swimmers who were trying to get out of the country after being mugged while out on the town with teammate Brian Lochte.   Or so they said.   Lochte, got out of the country, and his two teammates were trying to do the same, when they were pulled off their plane and forced to turn over their passports to the Brazilian authorities.   The Brazilians, apparently, are alleging that the mugging did not happen as the Americans say it  did.

Regardless of what may have happened, even if they might have provided conflicting stories to the police (which isn’t uncommon when people are under pressure), if no one was injured is it really worth it for Brazil to turn even more bad PR into an ongoing international incident with the United States?   Really?  Are they kidding?   Some are probably still having a diffcult time forgetting the man who was shot to death outside Maracana Stadium during the opening ceremonies.

Welcome to Rio, where athletes and coaches are mugged, robbed and then maybe even forced to stay in the country against their will.  A city where  raw sewage flows in the streets and out into the ocean and even the sand on those beautiful beaches may be infected.   A really bad place it turns out, to hold the Olympic Games and a tesimonial to the idiocy of moving the games to a different country every four years simply to make more money for the IOC, which bleeds off millions from emerging nations like Brazil, which can’t even afford to set up a decent sewage system for its poverty-stricken citizens.   Oh, did I mention the Zika Virus?   There is  of course, that too.   So even if you do get the hell out of there without being robbed, shot or detained by the authorities, you still risk bringing home a bug.

The California Drought Is Not A 5-Year Problem

 To some but not all network reporters, please stop talking aout the “5 year drought” in California.  I lived there for more than 30 years and can attest to the fact that the drought you keep talking about has been ongoing for more than 5 years.  But don’t believe me. Believe the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which tells us, “The most populated state in the country is facing what may be its worst drought in a century of record-keeping.”
So that would be the worst drought since weather watchers started keeping records.  Maybe the worst drought in one-hundred years.  Maybe longer.
NOAA, goes on to report that “On January 20 (2014), the governor of California declared a state of emergency, urging everyone to begin conserving water. Water levels in all but a few reservoirs in the state are less than 50% of capacity, mountains are nearly bare of snow except at the highest elevations, and the fire risk is extreme. In Nevada, the situation is much the same.”  True, northern and central California got some rain in March of this year, but as was widely reported, it wasn’t enough to put a dent in the ongoing drought.


Don’t Expect An Apology


A lot of people are wondering, I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true, right?   A lot of people are wondering if Donald Trump’s mentor really was the vile genius Roy Cohn.  You know, the lawyer who advised Senator Joe McCarthy,  as he destroyed so many lives with his Communist witch hunts in the 50’s?   That angry closeted gay man who pretended to be sraight while he lobbied against gay rights?  Same guy?  Must be.  Saw it on the Web.  And how about that Donald Trump?   Collecting millions and millions in campaign donations but not spending much of it at all.  Must be true.   Saw it on the news.  Not the gossip channels either.   The real network news.  What’s he gonna do with all that money?  Keep it and build a new tower?  Don’t know.  Nobody’s talking about it.   Except Trump who bragged in December, “I have spent almost nothing on my run for president…”   Well, there are those millions in loans he made to his own campaign and jobs going out to Trump-owned companies and direct payments to family members .   Will those loans be payed back to Trump, personally?  With interest?  How much interest will he charge?  Have to wonder folks.   What’s this Trump guy all about?   He’s a smart, smart businessman.   You can believe it folks, you can believe it.   And you can be sure he will never apologize for anything.  Not one thing.  Right out of the Roy Cohn playbook.    That’s what they’re saying.  Many, many people are saying it.  Many people.  Cohn, worked for Joe McCarthy.   Beautiful man.   Never admitted a mistake.  Just tore his enemies to pieces, folks.  A real winner.   Just like Trump.   Gonna come out of the other end of this tunnel sitting on a pile of fabulous new money.    Right?   Has to.  Where’s all that lovely, beautiful money going?   He can keep it, can’t he?   ABC News says he can.  Seems like it, anyway.  Kind of a gray area, if he just funnels some of  it into a PAC.    Senators and representatives can do it, so why not a candidate for president?  Right into a PAC.  All that beautiful money.   All perfectly legal.  It’s called a “loophole” folks.   The kinda thing that makes America the beautiful country that it is.   Anyway, it’s his money, right?   Worked his ass off for it, didn’t he?  Beautiful man, Donald Trump.  Great American.  Smart, smart businessman.  A real winner.  Wonderful human being.   Gotta love the guy.   And there’s so much money coming in.   $80 million in July, alone.  Have to wonder if he’ll be able to keep any of it, don’t you?  Maybe not, I’m not sure.   What do I know?   But if  he loses the election and keeps the money it’ll be beautiful, won’t it?  What a winner.  Just don’t expect an apology.

America, Save Yourself


The daily dump of dumbeth commeth again as another intellectual cluster bomb explodes, fragmenting fear across the land with disinformation and half-truths annihilating reasonable thinking and rational behavior.

Don’t worry, it’s only politics, shattering the very last remnants of decency, which was, after all, never anything more than an idea  someone once had.

Donald Trump needs to pivot and get out of his wheelhouse with a full-throated appeal reaching beyond his base. Pivot Donald, pivot! Are we supposed to take any of this seriously? Journalism by catchphrase?  What the hell is a “wheelhouse,” and why, suddenly, is everybody talking about it here on the ground?

Should we continue ignoring this potential threat, the death of critical thinking, treating our condition as an aberration, even while it brings the potential for the same kind of jackbooted nationalist ferver that has carried nations headlong into fascism?

Can’t happen here, can it?

Just tell me what to do, who to hate, who to fear, but for God’s sake don’t ask me to think it through, drawing rational conclusions from a given set of facts enabling me to make the right choice.   Above all, don’t ask me to read anything.   Just give it to me in tasty snippets of video and phrases of text.  It’s all I’ve been conditioned to have time for.

How far are we from the next beer hall putsch, our primitive  love for bigotry and fear crowding out reason, striking terror into the hearts of reporters too filled with anxiety to tell the whole truth to those who have ears but refuse to hear?  Another’s purple heart mistakenly presented to a phony patriot, a refusal to release tax records potentially taking us down as we willingly  fall victim to another clever phrase masking demonic political blasphemy?   The game becomes reality and reality the game.  It’s only politics, after all.   Somehow we’ll get through it.  That other thing can’t happen here.

Who are these people who buy into this horror? Are we so dumbed down that we cannot separate out base authoritarianism sprinkled liberally with disinformation and lies from the better angels of who and what we are?   Can this really be happening?

Don’t worry, it’s only politics.   Anyway, that old guy who used to hand out smart pills to all the kids died years ago somewhere out on the rim of the world.   Fell out of his wheelhouse, they said.   Horrible way to  go.