Our Cartoon Presidency

A CARTOON-SIZED ENVELOPE? What’s up with that ridiculous giant goofball-size letter Kim had hand-delivered to Trump? The one whose contents Trump bragged about as being “a very nice letter” and “a very interesting letter,” before admitting that he hadn’t yet read it.   Is it even possible for this president to push an adjective against a noun without telling a lie?  Could it be a way of giving DJT the middle finger?

Are Kim and his inner-circle rolling on the floor with laughter after seeing the photo of Trump accepting the giant note with a goofy smile on his face?   I half-expected some North Korean envoy to run into the shot with a giant inflatable cartoon hammer, jumping up and down while bonking Trump on the head and yelling “Woo Woo!  Woo Woo!”

And where the hell is Melania? 23 days and she hasn’t been seen.  This could be turning into a movie of the week? Well, it’s already there, actually. You have to wonder if she didn’t finally hit the wall with the Stormy Daniels thing?

It’s difficult to take any succor in all of this in the knowledge that our Cheeseburger Doughboy in chief is trying to do something about his physical condition by switching from quarter-pounders to a fish sandwich with only half a bun.  At least, that’s what they said.  For at least that one meal during his presentation heralding  the Nation’s need to pay greater attention to physical fitness. 

We should all be very pleased at his gastronomical sacrifice and hold him in much higher regard following his push for racial equality after his pardon of Jack Johnson, not to mention taking a meeting with Kim Kardashian-West, in the Oval Office.   Maybe the man just needs to know he’s loved?  Or maybe he just got his “Kims” confused?   

Well, he did get the North Koreans to blow up what appeared to be a group of dusty old long-abandoned tunnels while at the same time doing all he can to alienate so many of the our long-term allies.   Who needs England or Germany?  France?  Fuggetaboutit.  We’ve got Kim Jong-un.   FOX News reports that he wants to open a burger joint as a sign of goodwill.

In Trump world, everything is fine.  Just ask him.

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